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53rd UAE National Day 2023 – Deep Insights Of The Day

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Independence day- A day of utmost significance for each country when celebrations rise as much as skyscrapers. It’s due to the unrestrainable brim of patriotism and realization of sacrifices done to give us a land of freedom and tranquility.

Same happens in UAE ( United Arab Emirates) as soon as December steps nearer and the whole nation rattles with sudden excitement. That is when each and every person dedicates his hours from hustling life to commemorate his nation – the identity and recognition that can never be served by somewhere else.

Explore more to get the splendid amount of knowledge about UAE history, culture and all about UAE national day. Take a deep sigh and read below to have an entertaining ride.

Historical Background

It was December 2, 1971, when each flower bloomed and sands of desserts blew with spreadness of freedom, touching the surfaces of praying words. That is when the Emirati people honed on their rich fragments of culture and harnessed the spirit of prosperity.

Since then, the joys of unwavering achievements and bacons of more success are celebrated each year. Same goes for 2nd December 2023 as well, when new ligaments of hopes and goals will be tied.

Historical Background of UAE

Let’s cut to the chase and have a look into the history of UAE and its heritage to reward yourself with the intense grasp of UAE patrimony.

Founding of the United Arab Emirates

UAE made its place on the world map in 1972, but the leaps of struggles started in the late 1960s. It was when the British declared to leave the region and the Emirati leaders joined their heads to curate a plan for their security, prosperity and stability. However, shielding from geographical encounters was not easy.

Therefore, the major brains of six emirate states e.g. Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman , Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah resolved the matter with a united methodology to protect each other’s dignity. This methodology resulted in the UAE – Junction of all six states into the United Arab Emirates. However, later in 1972, Ras Al Khaimah stepped in the federation as well.

Founding of the United Arab Emirates

UAE depicts a crucial entity in Arabian Peninsula that derived a broad space of prosperity and resistance. Moreover, the vision of Sheik Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, leader of Abu Dhabi had a pivotal stance in bringing together all the states with his impenetrable diplomatic views.

However, Sheik Rashid bin Saeed Al Makhtoom, leader of Dubai and Sheikh Khalid bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, ruler of Sharjah , lended their hands in the formation of the UAE. It was each ruler’s unity and dedication that broke all the barriers and cracked the tough nuts in gaining a renowned state image.

Flag and heritage of UAE

The UAE flag was designed on December 2, 1971, after declaration of official federation. The flag includes three horizontal green stripes, including white and black  in a row with  a red band on the bottom of the flag. Each element of flag symbolizes like this:

  • Green stripes: Fertility
  • White stripes: Neutrality
  • Black stripes : Oil treasure troves
  • Red band : Courageous and sacrificing nation

Moreover, UAE is emulgated with richness and freshness of lush culture. There are some importants roots of UAE heritage that weaves a tenacious shape to the culture and people’s lifestyle.


Falcons are the national bird of UAE and hold a bulky importance to UAE’s symbolism. Moreover, the hunt of falcons has had a prime ancient origin as well. Therefore, the hunt of falconry has been an advocate of the UAE’s heritage spirit.

Islamic Heritage

Islam is a majority religion in UAE, therefore, the elements and legacy of Islam has enveloped the whole emirati state. The nation has a wide range of mosques, adorned with enormous respect to Islamic heritage.

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UAE have a potent amount of skillful heads that piques the interest for crafting. Weaving, pottery,metalwork, dhow construction and handicrafts executes the trove of creative heritage. The love for crafting amenities has been transferred from generations to generations that bringforths tourists attention as well.

Pearl Diving

Pearl searching has been a part of the growth of the UAE in the starting eras before the exploration of oil. UAE has been blessed with the Arabian Gulf that has rewarded them with pools of pearls and a distinct heritage look.


Tradition and Architecture of UAE speaks for themselves – with intrigued and sturdy elements.For instance, Barjeel (wind towers), coral, mud , palm fronds , and courtyards, keeps a specific and rebellious symbol around the world to stay different from all fingers. Moreover, forts and historic places like Al Fahidi in Dubai, propagate the waves of heritage and culture from generation to generation and all around the world with travelers as well.

Events and Activities on the Celebration of UAE National Day

Events and Activities on the Celebration of UAE National Day

UAE national day incorporates a blissful atmosphere for each person and each city arranges multiple activities for UAE national day. For this sole reason, the system announces a UAE national day holiday for banks and private sectors each year to buckle up for grinding next year as well. Mentioned below are aspiring activities that are especially geared up on UAE independence day, such as UAE national day programmes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Parade and Flag hoisting

Parade and Flag hoisting of UAE National Day

Parade and Flag hoisting ceremonies have been the part of celebration of every nation’s special day. UAE independence is harmoniously celebrated with manifesting patriotism and dedication towards the nation’s ideology. The parade is done at Abu Dhabi Corniche, scenic waterfront promenade, Sheikh Rasheed Bin Saeed Street, and other locations, with a vibrant atmosphere of flags, national songs and patriotic performances at multiple events across the nation.


Fireworks UAE national day

As the clock clicks 12am, the skies of each state of UAE fills up with rejoiced colors and illumination of new enthusiasm. These vibrant shows are usually held between December 2 and 4 . Fireworks in Dubai are mostly planned at Corniche and Yas Land of Abu Dhabi,Burj Khalifa, Dubai Festival City,Palm Jumeirah, The Ras Al Khaimah, Al Marjan Island and Al Zorah etc.

However, the UAE national day Dubai fireworks alongwith Abu Dhabi air show is the most anticipated firework show by the audience every year. The royal nature of fireworks glues the residents as well as tourists to the sky that induces new memories every year with altered kind.

Cultural activities

The preparations of exhibitions usually begin a month before the UAE independence day to entertain people with cultural ornaments, music and dances that let the audience dive in the ripples of heritage. With collections of craft engraved in handmade products, clothing and jewelry, day is celebrated while investing a few hours binging on the nation’s bounties.

Cultural activities UAE National Day

However, most shopping malls also participate in entertaining people with shopping festivals such as the Dubai Shopping Festival, independence day offers and collections designed for this day. It spreads the cultural euphoria and amps up the celebration activities.

Village Celebrations

Villages of UAE  organize dozens of activities like camel races, falconry displays, and Bedouin tents. Moreover, activities are bound with traditions and emirati culture that includes henna designing, Arabic calligraphy e.g. kufic etc, and handicraft e.g. embroidery.

Sports Activities

Emirati people endorse a radiant spirit in passionate and energy-brimming activities. UAE national day also comprehends sport activities such as football tournaments, Arabian horse shows, camel racing and other athletic activities for the patriotic freaks to feast on.

Another Elements to Celebrate

Unity and Diversity

UAE is enriched with diverse cultures and nationalities that endeavors a firm and serene discipline to obtain unity. It involves respect, gratitude, understanding and kindness that keeps the harmony within a multicultural nation. UAE has paved its way to make it possible to preserve composure as a union and a major factor of unparalleled accomplishments.

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A nation’s build and strength belongs to the hold of leaders and the ones sitting behind the privileged names. UAE has one of the strongest Monarchy governing settings that allows each diligent person to work above their edge and explicits instrumental triumphs. The recent two leaders – Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rasheed and Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed escalated UAE’s economic and infrastructure sectors. That is the sole reason for reprised success in commerce, foreign exchange and technology boost without any notable fiasco.

Cultural and Architectural Blooms

The vitality of a nation is concluded with its architectural origin and heritage that permits a degree of celebration. Either it’s about Burj Al Arab or Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the embraced architecture flowing between the lines of each construction sways the residents and tourists like nothing. Moreover, the art, music, art and emirati cuisine embarks the elements of unbreachable euphoria.

Being a diversified nation with multiple regional heads, UAE embraces the beauty of cultural union that stands out for the whole nation globally. The real blended influence intervenes with the leaps of progression.That is the quality of any nation that enables them to stay resilient and stand against any challenge.

Economical Heights

According to a report, UAE crossed a gross domestic product (GDP) of around $507 billion (in USD) in 2022.

UAE is the hub of global rich investors – to stay the least. There is no industry that hasn’t skyrocketed its pace and paved its way to overwhelm the world with its triumphs. Few of those sectors are Oil Exportation, tourism, technology, finance and renewable energy.

Most Popular Elements of UAE


UAE is an epitome of beauty and royalty that is engulfed in various landmarks in its space.

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is a human made island that is the most popular in the world till now. This island is shaped in palm trees and is covered by a plethora of foliage and dopamine-arising elements. It serves with countless bounties like resorts, residential areas and venues – A jack of trades that lure and inspire with aura of timeless architecture.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

Who hasn’t heard about this clouds-meeting building yet? Built in January ,6 2004, Burj Khalifa still has maintained its place as being the tallest and one of the most expensive hotels in the world.The main reason Dubai hit 14 million tourists in 2019. Moreover, whether it’s about panoramic views of the whole city or exceptional facilities pampering you that ports you out of the world, Burj Khalifa is a dream to stay for every tourist.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The mosque that embarks all the calmness and divine depiction of Islamic influence. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is known for its interior and design that magnetizes thousands of worshippers to delve in sophistication of religious bliss.

Al Fahidi Historic District

Al Fahidi Historic District

A Dubai located district that is quintessence of UAE’s emirati culture and architecture. With the pieces of unconditional praise that transverse one to history, this place plays a pivotal role in remembering the origin for the future generations.

Grandeur Lifestyle and Shopping Malls

With incompatible eye-snatching destinations and striking visuals surrounding you , you can’t help but indulge in that vibe. With over the top facilities and treatment provided everywhere, UAE is also known to be the talk of every mouth due to the attainability of each renowned brand at all displays of shopping malls. Two of the most renowned ones are:

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The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall has soared its value by located just with Burj khalifa, appealing visitors with a magnet. Moreover, every nook and cranny of this mall is concealed with extravagant charisma of top notch brands. The tour doesn’t end here. Dubai Mall has an extensive trail of entertainment, amenities, a giant aquarium and an ice rink that leaves no reason to repel the visitors.

The Mall of the Emirates

The Mall of the Emirates

A mall filled with an unbeatable amount of comfort accessories, fun-spurting places and high quality branding experience with freshness-reviving options of dining in is just like riding in dreams. But, Mall of Emirates have blown the breath in the dreams and turned the reality of shopping into a luminous excitement.

Arts and Culture

UAE’s each place have broken the shackles of hidden culture and brew the vibrant aroma of its art essence.Dubai Opera, the Dubai International film festival and Sharjah Biennial are three of such events celebrated every year to unveil the marvel of art and culture integrity.

Range of Dining Options

UAE doesn’t stay behind when conveying the impeccable culinary crux with garnish of Emirati tradition and Bedouin style. The nation has been thriving with a wide space of dining of grandeur, leaving no void to serve the unmatched taste. Some of the most liked restaurants include Pierchic,Zuma,La petite maison, and Kempinski Hotel Mall that hits the mark right to visitors’ hearts.

Bottom Line

Each year, people of UAE breed unwavering enthusiasm and innovative approach to fuel up the leap towards their dreams.However, their firm hold against challenges is the only depiction of each brick that forms a wall as a result of their unity. Therefore, every year on 2nd December, each individual joins his hand to take new vows after the gratification of past progress.

The celebrations address the beam of love and excitement that resides in hearts of Emirates and even the children who brew the flow of pride within. Each firework, dance and handicraft light up the memory of the foundation of the boundaries that gave a freed territory. With the farewell to the previous year welcoming a new chapter with a gleam of ambition in hearts, UAE national day 2023 is going to start an era of unprecedented victories.

What festivals are celebrated in the UAE?

UAE has a perk of celebrating ample amounts of festivals each year. Some of them are :
1. Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha
2. Dubai Shopping Festival
3. Abu Dhabi International Jazz Festival

Why is UAE national day celebrated?

UAE national day is a celebration in the memory of shaping the seven states into one union.Moreover, the struggles and achievement that entail the growth of the nation serves the purpose of celebrating this day.

Where are fireworks organized in UAE for national day?

The fireworks shows are organized at multiple locations all around the UAE. Some of them popular ones are:
1. Burj Khalifa
2. Abu Dhabi Corniche
3. Palm Jumeirah
4. Global Village Dubai

Who designed the UAE flag?

The flag of UAE was designed by tracing all the unique components of Emirati states. In 1971, the final design of the flag was the product of Abdullah Mohammad Al Maainah.



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