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Top 10 Best Shawarmas in Dubai
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Top 10 Best Shawarmas in Dubai

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Dubai, the glittering gem of Middle Eastern cities, has long been an amalgam of cultures, traditions, and cuisines. Boasting tall skyscrapers alongside historic sites and seamlessly merging past with present; when it comes to foodies’ paradise: Shawarma stands out among Dubai’s culinary offerings as a universal favourite dish.

Originating in Levant, Shawarma has spread throughout borders and oceans to become an international favorite fast-food item. Its appeal lies in its simplicity: generous portions of spiced meat are marinated before being stacked vertically onto a vertical rotisserie for roasting to perfection, thinly sliced before either being wrapped up into flatbreads for consumption or served alongside accompaniments for ultimate flavor explosion. Each bite reveals delicate meat mixed with exotic spices and condiments in an explosion of taste!

Dubai makes enjoying shawarma more than just another fast-food item; it’s an experience. From old souks to ultramodern districts, stalls, restaurant and cafes offer this succulent wrap. But where should you head for the very best shawarma experience in town? Don’t worry–we have you covered: here is our top 10 list of Dubai Shawarma spots sure to please any palate.

Best Shawarmas in Dubai

1. Al Mallah

Top 10 Best Shawarmas in Dubai 1

Location: Al Seef Street Dubai Creek, Dubai

Al Mallah stands as a beacon for shawarma enthusiasts along Dhiyafah Street in Dubai. Established as an iconic juice joint back in the late 1980s, its neon green facade now draws both locals and visitors eager to indulge its rich offerings.

At Al Mallah, shawarma-making is treated as an art. Skilled chefs carefully stack marinated meat onto vertical spits until each layer reveals an explosion of flavors as the rotisseries spin; outer layers achieve crispiness while tender inner meat remains succulent and succulent. Each delicious shawarma, expertly wrapped in soft flatbread with sauces and accompaniments and wrapped expertly into soft flatbread wrappers is the epitome of Levant cuisine and resonates beautifully with Dubai’s bustling vibe; Al Mallah’s humble interiors coupled with attentive patrons create an authentic charm which makes Al Mallah experience truly memorable and truly unforgettable experience that leaves patrons wanting more!

2. Qwaider Al Nabulsi

Top 10 Best Shawarmas in Dubai 3

Location: 16 Al Muraqqabat Rd, Al Muraqqabat, Dubai

Qwaider Al Nabulsi stands as a testament to the delectable culinary traditions of Levant. Hailing from Palestine’s historic Nablus city, Qwaider Al Nabulsi brings authentic Levant cuisine right here to Dubai while masterfully curating an experience full of nostalgia and authenticity – its name itself conjuring memories of its culinary delights and traditional sweets!

Customers of Qwaider Al Nabulsi can expect an exhilarating sensory experience at Qwaider Al Nabulsi; from its inviting aroma of spices and roasting meat, to the chefs who work tirelessly behind the counter ensuring each slice of meat is perfectly prepared. Shawarmas at this restaurant combine rich flavors seamlessly, featuring juicy meat wrapped in freshly baked bread with various condiments such as pickled turnips for that distinctive bite. Each bite at Qwaider Al Nabulsi takes diners on a journey, taking them back to Nablus’ streets and reminding them of its culinary richness – as part of centuries-long traditions in Levantine cuisine. Experiences at this restaurant extend far beyond food alone!

3. Belad Al Sham

Top 10 Best Shawarmas in Dubai 5

Location: Al Twar 22 St, Dubai

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Belad Al Sham is more than a dining destination; it offers an unforgettable immersion into Levantine cuisine. As more Dubai residents explore authentic yet contemporary flavors through authentic Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian kitchens alike, Belad Al Sham offers them all in an irresistibly delectable melange! Its name, which translates as “Land of Levant” perfectly describes their offerings.

Belad Al Sham’s shawarmas stand out not only because of their delicious flavors but for adhering to tradition. Methodical layering of marinated meat on a slow vertical rotisserie results in delicious juxtaposition of textures: crisp edges complementing tender, juicy centers encased by warm flatbread wrapper graced with sauces and garnishments to become the symbol of Levantine generosity and warmth – not forgetting Belad Al Sham’s rustic decor and fragrant atmosphere which enhances dining experiences further! For anyone seeking a piece of Levant in Dubai then Belad Al Sham promises an expedition of tastes, memories, memories & emotions!

4. Shawarma Twist

Top 10 Best Shawarmas in Dubai 7

Location: Al Barsha First, دبي

Shawarma Twist can be found nestled within Business Bay’s ultramodern precinct where architectural marvels reach for the sky, offering contemporary dining destinations to dared reimagine traditional menu items and dishes. At an ever-evolving culinary landscape in Dubai, this contemporary dining destination stands out as being unique by offering fresh twists to an iconic Middle Eastern dish while staying true to its foundational elements while catering both purists and culinary adventurers.

Shawarma Twist’s unique flavor profiles distinguish it as one of the top modern eateries, boasting truffle-infused sauces, artisanal bread and premium meat cuts–all working harmoniously to elevate an ordinary shawarma into an exceptional dining experience. Their cheese and truffle shawarma perfectly combines earthiness of truffle with cheese richness to deliver an explosion of taste at each bite! Their modern culinary approach mirrors this: chic minimalist and inviting; each bite brings out new sensational tastes thanks to quality ingredients combined with innovation that takes its traditional counterpart back for another round. Shawarma Twist doesn’t only offer delectable treats but also introduces new ways of viewing traditional shawarma through modern lens!

5. Al Ijaza Cafeteria

Top 10 Best Shawarmas in Dubai 9

Location: Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai

Al Ijaza Cafeteria comes to life when Dubai transforms under moonlit skies at nightfall; for many patrons it serves more than simply as a cafeteria; rather it becomes an oasis for late-night food cravings, providing memories over delicious shawarmas and cups of karak tea. Though its simple exterior may appear overlooked among Jumeirah Road’s grander establishments, for those in-the-know it provides an amazing collection of flavors and experiences!

Al Ijaza shawarmas have long been considered iconic. Wrapped in soft bread and artfully roasted until it hits that ideal balance between crispy edges and tender core, each bite is transformed by signature sauces and fresh pickles for an unparalleled experience. While their signature dish may steal the show, their beverages such as Avocado With Honey creates an atmosphere that truly is Dubai; thus making Al Ijaza Cafeteria worth visiting not just for its culinary offerings but also as part of your unforgettable Dubai experience!

6. Shish Shawerma

Top 10 Best Shawarmas in Dubai 11

Location: street 16, khalifa city, Abu Dhabi

Corniche Road offers the backdrop of Shish Shawerma for an unparalleled Middle Eastern dining experience. While traditional shawarma joints may serve their dish with modest interiors and attentive service, Shish Shawerma boasts luxurious surroundings to match Dubai’s reputation on an international stage. Here, they create an experience beyond that provided by typical fast-food eateries.

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Shish Shawerma stands out with its culinary craftsmanship evident in each carefully prepared wrap. Their lamb shawarma in particular is an experience in flavor – each slice marinated in an aromatic mix of herbs and spices is then slowly roasted until it achieves an irresistibly succulent consistency, before being wrapped up and served on pillowy flatbread decorated with sauces, pickles, fresh veggies and traditional side dishes for an experience worthy of royalty! At this restaurant it’s not simply about enjoying food but enjoying an experience that marries tradition with luxury in creating memories long lasting long after last bite is gone!

7. Al Safadi

Top 10 Best Shawarmas in Dubai 13

Location: Sh. Zayed Road, Dubai

Perched prominently on Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Safadi stands out as an oasis of authentic Lebanese cuisine in Dubai’s bustling metropolis. Since opening their first branch in Beirut back in the early 1970s, Al Safadi has created an exceptional dining experience by merging nostalgic charm of old Lebanon with sophisticated palate of contemporary diner – offering authentic flavors across both realms of dining experience. Their facade, featuring delicate design elements to tease customers into exploring an exciting culinary journey within. Foodies everywhere will delight themselves as soon enough!

Al Safadi takes great pride in offering an extensive menu that captures Lebanese cuisine; in particular, their popular shawarmas. Perfectly marinated meat strips stacked carefully and roasted until reaching that desirable balance between crispy exteriors and tender interiors make their shawarmas standout from others. The restaurant stands by their dedication to authenticity and quality with their beef dish that boasts generous lashings of tahini drizzled across it, coupled with pickled turnips and garlic paste for flavoring. This signature dish perfectly represents their commitment. Al Safadi stands out among Lebanon’s dining destinations not just because of the food but because its cozy environment echoes with soothing Arabic melodies and warm hospitality, offering diners an immersive Lebanese dining experience. Both locals and travelers looking for authentic Levantine flavors should visit.

8. Mister Shawarma

Top 10 Best Shawarmas in Dubai 15

Location: Dar Al Aman Building 4 Al Doha Street Near Al Qiyadah Metro Station, Dubai

Mister Shawarma has quickly made itself known in Al Barsha as an outstanding spot for those passionate about shawarma cuisine. Boasting an appealing blend of traditional techniques and modern cuisine, Mister Shawarma lives up to its name by providing customers with an excellent dining experience that marries tradition and innovation in equal measure. Vivid signage and contemporary interiors create an inviting ambience, suggesting they still hold deep reverence for this age-old craft of making shawarmas.

Mister Shawarma stands out for its uncompromising dedication to quality and flavor, especially its signature spicy chicken shawarma – a popular pick among regulars – which features tantalizing spice combinations with meat marinated until perfectly tender, creating an explosion of taste with every bite. Mister Shawarma’s wrap, generously filled and garnished with fresh vegetables and signature sauces showcases their uncompromising dedication. Warm lighting combined with roasting meat aroma capture the spirit of an iconic Dubai eatery deeply rooted in tradition; eating there at Mister Shawarma means celebrating rich legacy while tasting delicious Middle Eastern delicacies like no one else can!

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9. Royal Grill 32

Top 10 Best Shawarmas in Dubai 17

Location: Dubai Investment Park First, دبي

Royal Grill 32 stands as an enduring culinary landmark in Deira’s historic precincts, serving traditional Middle Eastern fare with contemporary flair. The name alludes to regality while representing their mission – offering dishes fit for royalty so each patron feels esteemed and valued. Their exterior boasts elegant design motifs while inside is distinguished by a combination of Arabesque elements with contemporary decor for an unparalleled dining experience.

Royal Grill 32 offers something truly magical: their culinary offerings! Their signature grilled dishes, as the name suggests, showcase masterful grilling. Meats marinated and infused with aromatic spices before being expertly charred until achieving that coveted balance between charred exterior and succulent interior. Out of their menu of mouthwatering treats is their world famous Shawarma sandwich filled with flavors-packed meat, crisp veggies and signature sauces all wrapped up into soft pillowy flatbread! Their experience transcends simple food; instead it immerses you into an immersive culinary world that bridges ancient culinary practices with modern palate demands; creating memories while creating taste sensations!

10. Eat & Drink

Top 10 Best Shawarmas in Dubai 19

Location: Al Wasl Al Wasl Rd, Dubai

Eat & Drink is an unwavering presence in Dubai’s culinary landscape, beloved by residents for its no-frills offerings and hearty service. First established as a simple juice and refreshments joint in the 1980s, Eat & Drink’s success since has seen numerous branches throughout Dubai opening under their signature green logo, guaranteeing consistent quality that stands the test of time.

Eat & Drink’s allure lies in its commitment to fresh ingredients and its commitment to simplicity and fresh flavors, whether that means delicious juices, hearty sandwiches or the ever-so popular shawarmas – each delivered in an inviting environment and featuring succulent meat perfectly marinated and grilled, served alongside pickles and garlic sauce for extra zesty bites wrapped tightly inside a fresh flatbread wrapper. Many residents in Dubai trust Eat & Drink as an oasis of comfort food in its bustling city environment – be it lunch breaks during work meetings, family dinners or late-night cravings – for them Eat & Drink is their go-to spot for delicious comfort food in among its grandiose grandeur.


Dubai, known for its glittery skylines and luxury shopping, also possesses a vibrant culinary culture with delicious, diverse shawarma offerings that showcase this diversity. Residents and visitors alike enjoy experiencing these flavors that range from traditional to innovative in our list of some of Dubai’s favorite shawarma spots; yet their true essence lies in uniting people of various backgrounds through this delicacy. If you visit Dubai soon, let the smell of roasting meat lead you directly to a delicious shawarma stall nearby; dive right in for one savory bite that will get underfoot so you’re immersed in all that the city spirit in just bite.

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