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Top 10 Best Mandi Restaurants in Dubai

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Dubai, famed for its extravagant skyscrapers and vibrant culture, is also a culinary haven. Renowned for its international cuisine and high-end dining options, but one cannot overlook its rich Arabic culinary traditions that decorate this bustling metropolis. One beloved dish among them all in Dubai gastronomy scene is Mandi; an iconic Yemeni dish which has made an indelible mark upon local palates while tantalizing visitors as well.

This blog post invites you on a culinary exploration through Dubai as we discover the top 10 best Mandi restaurants. With aromatic spices and slow-cooked meat dishes like Mandi providing an experience unlike any other dining option available, let us dive head first into this flavorful adventure and find where we can indulge ourselves with some truly delectable Mandi from across Dubai!

Best Mandi Restaurants in Dubai

Al Hadheerah

Top 10 Best Mandi Restaurants in Dubai 1

Location: Al Qudra Road, Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa, Dubai 8168

+971 4 809 6100

Al Hadheerah at Bab Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa offers diners in Dubai an unforgettable culinary experience, transporting diners back through time through its traditional Arabian decor and picturesque desert views. Offering authentic Mandi flavors in an unparalleled ambience.

Al Hadheerah stands out with its Mandi cuisine. Prepared using only premium ingredients, their Mandi offerings feature succulent meats infused with aromatic spices for an irresistibly tender bite-in-your-mouth experience. Enjoy live music performances by the talented belly dancing troupe as you dine beneath starlit desert skies for an unparalleled dining experience at Al Hadheerah – making Al Hadheerah one of Dubai’s must-visit places!

Al Marhabani Restaurant

Top 10 Best Mandi Restaurants in Dubai 3

Location: Jumeirah Beach Road Opposite ENOC Petrol Station, Dubai

+971 4 394 9888

Al Marhabani Restaurant, hidden in Dubai’s historic heart, beckons food enthusiasts with authentic Yemeni cuisine – particularly their spectacular Mandi experience! Al Marhabani pays homage to Yemen’s longstanding culinary traditions while providing guests with an inviting ambiance filled with warmth and hospitality. They pride themselves in serving up an unadulterated Mandi experience prepared using time-honored techniques with flavors dancing across your palate!

Al Marhabani Restaurant’s Mandi stands out with its commitment to authenticity. No matter whether it be chicken, lamb or goat meat – each piece is slowly-cooked to become tender while infusing it with aromatic flavors of saffron, cardamom, clove and more! Served on fragrant rice alongside flavorful sauces that create an exquisite dining experience, Al Marhabani Restaurant provides unforgettable culinary adventures in Old Dubai’s heartland. Don’t miss Al Marhabani if tradition meets flavor; Al Marhabani Restaurant will leave an indelirium of unforgettable dining adventures for anyone seeking unforgettable culinary adventures!

Seven Sands Restaurant

Top 10 Best Mandi Restaurants in Dubai 5

Location: Dubai World Trade Centre Dubai World Trade Centre Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai

+971 4 332 1000

Seven Sands Restaurant can be found nestled within the lively Jumeirah Beach Residences neighborhood and provides an innovative take on traditional Emirati and Yemeni dishes; their Mandi dish showcases Dubai’s culinary creativity. Renowned for seamlessly marrying contemporary aesthetics with authentic flavors, Seven Sands has quickly become one of Dubai’s premier dining venues; beloved both locals and visitors. Their serene combination of modern elegance with Arabian charm provides the ideal atmosphere to sample their tantalizing Mandi creation.

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What sets Seven Sands Restaurant apart is their diverse range of Mandi options on their menu, which cover succulent chicken to tender lamb and fragrant fish – each meticulously prepared so as to achieve optimal spice combinations that define this iconic Yemeni dish – creating an experience both delicious yet visually striking at Seven Sands Restaurant, making their dishes unforgettable dining experiences and staying true to tradition at the same time – an essential stop if looking for contemporary interpretations on classic Yemeni fare like Mandi!

Al Fanar Restaurant and Cafe

Top 10 Best Mandi Restaurants in Dubai 7

Location: Canal Walk, Canal Walk, Dubai 21994

+971 4 232 9966

Al Fanar Restaurant and Cafe provides an unforgettable dining experience in Festival City Mall’s Al Fanar Mall, immersing visitors into the rich culinary traditions of United Arab Emirates cuisine. As soon as they step through its doors, visitors are transported back in time, as the decor and ambiance recreate traditional Emirati settings from bygone years reminiscent of Al Fanar Restaurant itself – serving Mandis that truly represent Emirati cuisine as part of this nostalgic setting.

Al Fanar’s Mandi stands as testament to their dedication in maintaining traditional flavors from years gone by. Slow-cooked meat is tender and succulent, infused with aromatic spices to transport you right back into UAE heritage. Their dedication to authenticity extends from serving dishes with pride and warm service staff who share a passion for Emirati cuisine; dining here truly becomes an immersive cultural experience! Come experience their rich Emirati atmosphere!

Aroos Damascus

Top 10 Best Mandi Restaurants in Dubai 9

Location: Al Muraqqabat Street, K6 Building, Deira, in front of Coral Deira Hotel, Dubai

+971 4 221 3673

Aroos Damascus in Dubai’s Al Muraqqabat neighborhood is an exquisite restaurant serving authentic Syrian and Yemeni fare, such as their “Bride of Damascus.” Their name sets the scene – inviting diners in with warm hospitality while celebrating rich culinary traditions from both nations. While their menu boasts diverse items, Aroos Damascus truly stands out with their Mandi which embodies both Yemeni cuisine’s deep roots while infusing Syrian flavors into it for an unparalleled dining experience that truly delights.

Aroos Damascus stands out due to the authenticity and variety of Mandi cuisine offered at their restaurant. From chicken, lamb or fish options – each Mandi dish showcases perfectly cooked meat coupled with fragrant spice-infused rice dishes in their uniquely inviting ambience – Aroos Damascus provides guests with an enjoyable culinary journey through Syria and Yemen’s cuisine and hospitality; making every visit worthwhile experience worth remembering! It should definitely make their dining list in Dubai!

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Hadramout Restaurant

Top 10 Best Mandi Restaurants in Dubai 11

Location: 28 St, International City, Dubai

+971 50 425 8824

Hadramout Restaurant stands as a testament to Yemeni culinary traditions with their menu that showcases them beautifully. Their Mandi dish stands as one of their signature offerings that showcase their meticulous care in creating this culinary masterpiece!

What sets Hadramout Restaurant apart is their commitment to authenticity of Mandi dishes, from slow-cooked lamb, chicken or fish marinated with aromatic spices that provide tender succulent bites of tender meat that melt in your mouth, perfectly complimented by aromatic fragrant rice cooked perfectly for each plate. Every bite tells a unique tale of tradition and passion while relaxing into Hadramout Restaurant’s warm ambience and dedication to excellence; making Hadramout one of Dubai’s premier Yemeni dining destinations.

Zam Zam Mandi Restaurant

Top 10 Best Mandi Restaurants in Dubai 13

Location: Al Karama, 133 Sheikh Rashid Road, Dubai

+971 4 370 6777

Zam Zam Mandi Restaurant in Dubai’s buzzy food scene has quickly earned itself a loyal customer following for its exquisite Mandi dishes. When entering this inviting eatery, its tantalizing aroma of slow-cooked meat and aromatic spices welcomes customers; and their dedication to providing authentic Yemeni Mandi makes this venue the go-to spot for fans seeking an authentic culinary experience.

Zam Zam Mandi Restaurant stands out by paying special attention to crafting its Mandis with precise care, from succulent lamb or tender chicken options, or combinations thereof, each Mandi dish at Zam Zam is an explosion of flavors bursting from slow cooking with exotic Yemeni spices that create such delectable meals as Mandi. Paired with fragrant rice and delicious sauce, a meal at this charming eatery in Dubai makes an experience you won’t forget quickly; its warm atmosphere adds further dimension for those in search of authentic Mandi perfection in Dubai!


Top 10 Best Mandi Restaurants in Dubai 15

Location: 476 Baniyas Road, Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek, Dubai 476

+971 4 205 7033

At Aseelah in Radisson Blu Hotel Deira Creek lies an exquisite culinary gem: Emirati and Yemeni food come together here with modern flair! Diners will experience an eclectic medley of Emirati and Yemeni flavours at this fine-dining establishment; its Mandi is particularly noteworthy here for being artfully prepared while staying true to tradition while adding modern flare.

At Aseelah, they excel at capturing both Emirati and Yemeni flavors through their Mandi dish, whether that means succulent lamb or tender chicken slow cooked with aromatic spices that create an incredible blend of tastes paired with aromatic rice and flavorful sauces – creating an experience which marries tradition with innovation in an elegant atmosphere complemented by impeccable service in Dubai’s heartland. Aseelah stands apart as being an exceptional destination to taste both sides of UAE culinary heritage at one place in Dubai!

Bayt Al Wakeel

Top 10 Best Mandi Restaurants in Dubai 17

Location: Souk Al Kabeer, On the Creek, Near Bank of Baroda Abra Station, Dubai

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+971 4 353 0530

Bayt Al Wakeel restaurant stands as an inspiring testament to Dubai’s rich maritime past, situated by Dubai Creek and housed in an historic building that once provided shelter to sailors. Diners at Bayt Al Wakeel can take in stunning views of both creek and skyline while dining while taking pleasure from an Emirati and Yemeni menu; Mandi in particular offers deliciousness alongside beautiful surroundings.

Bayt Al Wakeel stands out as an oasis for its commitment to maintaining both historical and cultural aspects of its building, which allows diners to appreciate dining within an atmospheric location once pivotal for Dubai maritime history. Diners will delight in enjoying Mandi prepared with care to guarantee tender meat with aromatic spices; providing diners an immersive experience into Dubai culture as they feast. Bayt Al Wakeel stands apart as a destination that stands apart in both culinary excellence and historical charm, making this must-visit spot ideal for experiencing Mandi while immersing themselves into its rich cultural history!

Makarem Restaurant

Top 10 Best Mandi Restaurants in Dubai 19

Location: Hessa Street, Barsha 3, Next to Saudi German Hospital, Dubai

+971 4 385 2323

Makarem Restaurant in Dubai stands as an oasis for foodies looking for an exceptional dining experience amidst Dubai’s lively and lavish landscape. Nestled at the core of UAE, Makarem exemplifies Middle Eastern hospitality and cuisine; boasting lavish decor with breathtaking city skyline views. Their extensive menu celebrates Middle Eastern culinary traditions ensuring dining here will become one of the highlights of your visit to this dynamic city!

Restaurant features an eclectic range of delicacies from Emirati specialities to international fusion creations made using only premium ingredients, prepared by expert chefs using cutting edge culinary technology. No matter whether it’s indulgent shawarmas, sumptuous mezze platters or aromatic biryanis you crave – Makarem Restaurant in Dubai ensures every meal is an opportunity for celebration of taste and culture! Makarem Restaurant’s attentive and welcoming staff combined with its elegant atmosphere creates the ideal setting for special events or romantic dining, or simply indulging in Middle Eastern flavors in one of Dubai’s iconic cities. Makarem invites its guests to discover Arabian culinary treasures while being enveloped by an unforgettable ambience.


Dubai’s Mandi scene is an unparalleled testament to the city’s diverse culinary landscape, boasting both classic and innovative interpretations of this Yemeni delight. No matter if you are resident or visitor, these top 10 Mandi restaurants in Dubai will satisfy your appetite while immersing you in Dubai’s lively food culture. So grab an appetite and discover this culinary adventure for yourself in the center of Dubai.

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