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Top 10 Best Coffee Shops in Dubai

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Dubai, the shimmering jewel of the Middle East, is widely revered for its lavish architecture, luxurious shopping experiences and multi-cultural environment. A city where traditions meet modernity; Bedouin history still resonates in an otherwise futuristic skyline; an oasis of opulence where rich Middle Eastern coffee traditions meet contemporary coffee trends are all hallmarks of success for success in Dubai today.

Coffee in the Middle East has long been seen as a sign of hospitality, friendship and ritual. Preparation and serving Arabic coffee, commonly referred to as gahwa in Arabic, are hallmarks of respect in this region for this beverage. As Dubai advances further into 21st-century progress it strives to preserve and integrate this cultural staple while staying relevant by innovating it to fit global trends.

Finding quality coffee shops in Dubai’s sprawling metropolis may seem impossible at times; but don’t despair: We have made your task of selecting top 10 best cafes easier by filtering through time (and coffee!) to bring you our list of 10 Best Cafes In Dubai.

Best Coffee Shops in Dubai

One Life Kitchen and Café

Top 10 Best Coffee Shops in Dubai 1

Location: Building 5, Unit R04 , Building 5, Dubai

+971 4 513 4727

One Life Kitchen and Cafe stands as an impressive lifestyle statement in Dubai’s Design District, not simply another coffee shop among many. Steeped in sustainability and health ethos, its cafe serves more than simply as a culinary haven; every corner evokes tales of organically-sourced ingredients prepared with passion beyond conventional cuisine; its global cuisine-influenced menu welcomes both residents and expatriates into an inviting ambiance.

One Life Kitchen and Cafe stands out as an impressive coffee destination, thanks to their ethically-sourced beans carefully roasted to perfection – each sip being testament to One Life Kitchen and Cafe’s commitment to quality and sustainability. When combined with delectable dishes from One Life’s delectable dining selections, One Life Cafe creates an immersive journey inviting patrons to slow down, appreciate fine dining in Dubai’s bustling heart, while appreciating artful brewing of coffee at its core.

Common Grounds

Top 10 Best Coffee Shops in Dubai 3

Location: Al Barsha First, دبي

+971 50 478 1094

Common Grounds stands out in a bustling mall as an oasis for locals and visitors alike; both can enjoy its coffee sanctuary amidst all of its hustle. True to its name, Common Grounds serves as an unifying space where individuals from diverse backgrounds can come together over delicious coffee drinks expertly made. Boasting modern yet chic interiors paired with rustic wooden touches for an eclectic yet cozy and welcoming vibe; plus spacious seating punctuated by greenery gives patrons somewhere peaceful they can recharge despite all of its hustle.

Common Grounds shines far beyond aesthetics: its passion for coffee truly sets it apart. Every cup is the result of meticulous bean selection, precise roasting and experienced baristas working tirelessly on its delivery – each smell being one filled with love for its craft – producing robust yet nuanced flavor profiles, creating an experience in Dubai unlike any other coffee shop can deliver.

The Espresso Lab

Top 10 Best Coffee Shops in Dubai 5

Location: Warehouse S4, Al Quoz Logistics Park, Dubai

+971 50 421 1188

Al Quoz’s artistic community provides The Espresso Lab as an intriguing interface between traditional coffee culture and scientific innovation in modern brewing methods. No ordinary cafe, this establishment attracts true coffee aficionados with its minimalist design and passion-fuelled passion for beverages like espresso. Visitors often marvel at The Espresso Lab’s transparent brewing processes where every step from grinding to pouring involves precise calculations with artistry as the final act in each of these steps is carefully calculated performance art.

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But beyond its showy exterior lies The Espresso Lab’s commitment to quality: each bean carefully selected from global regions makes patrons embark upon an international coffee journey without leaving their seats! Roasted to achieve perfect flavor profiles under expert barista supervision and transformed by skilled baristas into cups that deliver unforgettable taste and aroma combinations, The Espresso Lab provides not just drinks – they deliver masterclasses! For anyone eager to take on more coffee knowledge or explore further into its depths.

Seven Fortunes Coffee Roasters

Top 10 Best Coffee Shops in Dubai 7

Location: Warehouse 12, Al Asayel St. 318 rd. Al Qouz Industrial 2, Dubai

+971 4 338 5587

Al Quoz’s industrial environs serve as an epitome of passion and craftsmanship combined with genuine love for coffee at Seven Fortunes Coffee Roasters, an establishment with an unassuming exterior yet an incredible atmosphere inside its open space with high ceilings and warm lighting that exude an industrial yet intimate ambience that offers something for both casual visitors and coffee experts. At first glance the establishment’s industrial facade may appear unassuming but step inside and be transported into another realm where coffee transcends simply being consumed but celebrated as art – where passion for craftsmanship combined with love can make any visitors experience memorable – both casual visitors as well as coffee connoisseurs alike will enjoy this experience!

Seven Fortunes’ core focus lies within its commitment to coffee beans: each selection a reflection of rigorous selection processes that ensure only premium beans make it to market. Roasted on site for guests’ viewing pleasure and education purposes, guests can witness these beans transform before their very eyes before becoming part of Seven Fortunes Coffee Roasters’ unique barista training experience – not only can Seven Fortunes provide delicious coffee drinks but it can also teach barista skills! Beyond simply serving exquisite beverages in Dubai’s expansive coffee culture landscape. But beyond brewing excellence comes Seven Fortunes Coffee Roasters as an exceptional coffee experience that strives to elevate Dubai coffee culture through education and transparency – an experience guests cannot get anywhere else!

% Arabica

Top 10 Best Coffee Shops in Dubai 9

Location: Al Mustaqbal Street, City Walk II, Dubai

+971 4 321 7251

From its prime position within The Dubai Mall, % Arabica stands as an oasis for coffee purists. Boasting minimalist design that stands in stark contrast with intricate details of each brew, % Arabica provides a peaceful refuge from mall’s dynamic hustle. From marble counters and minimalist decor interiors, everything speaks of simplicity so the focus remains unabatedly on crafting excellent coffee beverages at this oasis of % Arabica.

% Arabica stands out with its farm-to-cup philosophy. By procuring beans directly from their own farms or estates, this brand guarantees unparalleled freshness and authenticity in every cup. Their expert baristas use precision and care when translating these beans into cups that sing with clarity and complexity; each sip takes patrons on an immersive journey from coffee plantations slopes all the way into Dubai’s bustling heart – truly making % Arabica an incredible way to bridge natural and urban landscapes!

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Gold Box Roastery

Top 10 Best Coffee Shops in Dubai 11

Location: Umm Suqeim Road, Al Quoz Ind.3, Warehouse #7, Building: SMARK 3, Hatta 450020

+971 4 341 4320

Gold Box Roastery in Dubai Hills provides more than just an ordinary coffee experience: it immerses guests into its very essence. This establishment gracefully merges artisanal roastery charm and modern cafe sophistication; when guests step through its doors they are met by an irresistibly fragrant aroma of freshly roasted beans which promises pure coffee indulgence! Stylish interiors featuring gold accents and lush vegetation reflect Dubai’s distinct blend of luxury and nature ethos.

Gold Box Roastery’s success stems from their commitment to authentic and fresh beans. Boasting an open roasting facility on-site, patrons can witness first-hand as raw beans transform into aromatic treasures – creating an eye-popping sensory spectacle and heightening coffee tasting experience! Each cup served is the result of meticulous sourcing, roasting and brewing processes; creating an enticing array of flavors which engage both novice and veteran coffee drinkers alike. Gold Box doesn’t simply offer beverages – instead it takes them on an interactive journey from bean to cup – creating narrative that’s as engaging as its beverages themselves!

Roseleaf Café

Top 10 Best Coffee Shops in Dubai 13

Location: 739 شارع الشيخ زايد – منطقة القوز الصناعية 3 – دبي

Roseleaf Cafe stands out amongst Dubai Garden Centre’s lush foliage and vivid blooms as an idyllic retreat for coffee fans and food enthusiasts. With wooden tables, rustic decor, sunlight filtered through plant canopies, and its charming setting that recalls an English countryside cafe, Roseleaf’s Roseleaf Cafe provides an idyllic escape that simultaneously feels homey yet magical.

Roseleaf Cafe stands out with not just its dreamy ambience; rather it is their commitment to quality that truly distinguishes it. Each cup of coffee served is carefully prepared using ethically sourced beans that ensure an explosion of flavors on your tongue. Complimented by an assortment of homemade cakes and pastries made using only fresh, whole ingredients; making Roseleaf Cafe the ideal spot for solace with books, quiet work time or meaningful conversations – Roseleaf offers it all and welcomes its patrons like family!

Stomping Grounds

Top 10 Best Coffee Shops in Dubai 15

Location: Jumeirah Road, Dubai

Stomping Grounds stands as a bastion of specialty coffee in Jumeirah, providing refuge to those with an appreciation for artisanal brews and an affinity for eclectic decor and rustic touches alike. Boasting plush seating arrangements and artwork curated specifically to the storefront space, its vibrant ambience encapsulates modernity while being homely enough for everyone who visits! Easily captures its atmosphere of community coffee hub where every patron feels part of an extended coffee family!

Stomping Grounds takes pride in offering an exquisite collection of beans from different coffee-producing regions worldwide, chosen with great care by its expert baristas armed with knowledge and an abundance of passion for their craft – not only does their fragrant brews taste fantastic, but the entire cafe exudes quality too! Every cup will deliver an explosion of flavors whether exploring single origin coffees or trying classic lattes; making Stomping Grounds an indispensable gem in Dubai’s bustling coffee scene!

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Black Tap Coffee

Top 10 Best Coffee Shops in Dubai 17

Location: Dubai Marina Mall, Dubai

Nestled amidst Dubai’s urban sprawl lies Black Tap Coffee; offering an exclusive coffee experience that seamlessly merges tradition with innovation. The cafe’s minimalist yet cozy interiors create an intimate setting where patrons can escape the hectic pace of daily life; thanks to exposed brickwork, soft lighting, wooden accents and rustic charm; making Black Tap an excellent destination for contemplative moments, lively discussions or simply exploring aromatic beverages!

Black Tap Coffee’s mission is centered around its pursuit of perfection: from ethically grown beans being ethically harvested and harvested through precise roasting and brewing techniques used by baristas trained rigorously in their craft, all measures taken are calibrated towards crafting cups with character and depth that resonate with customers. Baristas trained rigorously are not simply servers; rather they serve patrons by telling tales behind each brew’s nuanced flavors to ensure an unforgettable experience regardless of whether its an espresso shot, cold brew or experimental concoction that promises unforgettable memories; cementing Dubai as hub of coffee connoisseurship!

RAW Coffee Company

Top 10 Best Coffee Shops in Dubai 19

Location: 1 Al Quoz 1 Street, Dubai, Dubai

+971 4 339 5474

RAW Coffee Company stands as an authentic beacon in Dubai’s ever-evolving coffee landscape, representing ethically-sourced and 100% organic specialty-grade coffee in an engaging atmosphere that balances industrial chic with cozy cafe feel – with exposed pipes, wooden beams, sacks of fresh beans waiting their turn in the roaster, as well as patrons catching glimpses into this journey from bean to cup!

RAW Coffee Company stands out in their dedication to coffee artisanship. Every bean that enters RAW is handpicked for exceptional quality before being freshly roasted on-site to guarantee maximum freshness and flavor. Their knowledgeable baristas craft each cup artfully so as to showcase all its inherent flavors – thus producing coffee that not only beverages its audience but captures essence of regions from Ethiopia to Guatemala – thus offering something different than an average beverage experience! In an urban landscape known for luxury and grandeur, RAW Coffee Company stands as refreshing testament of simplicity quality and genuine love of coffee lovers everywhere!


Dubai, often heralded as the global city of dreams and innovation, has established an exceptional coffee culture. Ranging from its centuries-old traditions of gahwa (traditional Arabic coffee) to modern renditions such as espresso or cold brew coffee brewing methods – Dubai’s coffee culture stands as testament to their ability to honor both past and future. As you navigate Dubai’s lively alleys and vast deserts let the aroma of freshly brewed coffee lead you towards experiences which tantalize palate and soothe soul! Dubai coffee shops promise something special which resonates with your taste while leaving memories that last far after your final sip!

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