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Top 10 Best Chocolates in Dubai

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Dubai, renowned as one of the United Arab Emirates’ glitzy playgrounds, is an epitome of luxury, technology, and, especially food. From gold-flecked cappuccinos to exotic fruits from across the globe – Dubai truly provides something deliciously indulgent to those interested in culinary pleasures – yet sometimes all one really wants is some good old chocolate goodness.

Dubai stands as an epicenter for diverse cultures and tastes from around the globe, showcasing everything from gourmet chocolatiers to mainstream powerhouses – with some exquisite chocolate offerings being found from both. Stroll through Souk Madinat Jumeirah for some unique artisan chocolaty or window shop at The Dubai Mall; your mouth will water from all the options on offer here!

This blog post seeks to discover Dubai’s finest chocolate offerings. Ideal for satisfying sweet cravings or offering as gifts during festive seasons, these options not only taste amazing but are highly Instagrammable as well. Whether a resident or visitor looking for mementoes of their experience here – here are 10 chocolates worth tasting while in Dubai!

Best Chocolates in Dubai

1. Mirzam Chocolate Makers

Top 10 Best Chocolates in Dubai 1

Location: 4TH Street, Dubai

+971 4 333 5888

Mirzam Chocolate Makers stands out in Dubai’s rapidly developing food scene as an innovative chocolatier with their bean-to-bar approach, particularly chocolate. Situated at Alserkal Avenue’s creative hub of Alserkal Avenue, Mirzam stands out with their unparalleled bean-to-bar method of using single origin cacao from Vietnam, Indonesia, and Madagascar, which gives their chocolate an extraordinary variety of unique and complex flavors heavily influenced by each country along the maritime Spice Route. Visitors at Mirzam are treated to an interactive experience as they witness all steps along this process from bean to bar right before their very eyes!

Mirzam Chocolate Makers stands out with both quality chocolate production and their artistic sensibility, creating exquisite chocolate bars with designs inspired by local art and culture that make ideal presents or keepsakes for gift giving or keepsake collecting. Limited-edition bars introduced during festive seasons or collaboration with local artists can become collectors’ items; making the whole experience of eating Mirzam’s bars something much greater than simply eating chocolate; it invites customers into becoming part of its story from cacao bean to finely-crafted bar!

2. Forrey & Galland

Top 10 Best Chocolates in Dubai 3

Location: Shop no 109, Unit Lower Ground, Financial Center Road, Dubai.

+971 4 339 8850

Forrey & Galland has created an unforgettable chocolate experience by merging French chocolatier traditions with Middle Eastern flavors. Situated within The Dubai Mall’s bustling corridors, this luxury chocolate shop provides an exquisite chocolate experience from classic pralines to truffles to macarons; making Forrey & Galland stand out even further through unique inclusion of dates, saffron, and rose water into their products for an unexpected yet delightful surprise in taste!

At Forrey & Galland, their luxurious atmosphere perfectly mirrors its rich flavors tucked within elegantly designed chocolate boxes. Attention to every detail from boutique layout and packaging of individual chocolate pieces is of upmost importance; seasonal collections feature festive themes making Forrey & Galland an excellent option when gift giving during special events or holidays. Experience Forrey & Galland beyond simply sampling gourmet chocolates; immerse yourself in an environment where French craftsmanship meets Dubai lavishness in each bite taken of their indulgence!

3. Patchi

Top 10 Best Chocolates in Dubai 5

Location: Dubai, Al Quoz, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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+971 4 338 8300

Patchi Chocolates have long been associated with luxury chocolate in Dubai and throughout the Middle East. Boasting several locations around Dubai – The Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates being just two – Patchi has established themselves as an industry leader since their start up in Lebanon back in 1974. Now known for exquisite offerings beyond taste alone – featuring chocolate pieces embellished with ingredients such as honey, nuts or gold leaf; weddings, corporate events or any special celebration can take advantage of Patchi’s beautiful offerings for special events that showcase elegance and sophistication like no one else can.

Patchi’s presentation stands out among its peers; each piece of chocolate is artfully wrapped to reflect their commitment to luxury and detail, from signature green boxes or custom arrangements designed specifically to their product offerings. No matter the occasion or novelty introductions introduced by Patchi, their core experience remains constant: high-quality luxurious chocolates that offer an indulgent experience that keep people coming back.

4. Candylicious

Top 10 Best Chocolates in Dubai 7

Location: The Dubai Mall, Unit GF – 171, level G – Financial Center Road, Dubai,

+971 4 330 8700

Candylicious in Dubai Mall provides a magical escape into a magical realm of sugar, color and chocolate! As a multi-brand retailer that features confectionaries from across the world, including well-known commercial brands as well as niche artisanal options like those made by Candylicious itself, Candylicious also provides dedicated sections dedicated to chocolate enthusiasts of all kinds – offering both old classics as well as innovative varieties suited for every age and preference group. Candylicious truly caters to everyone looking to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Entering Candylicious is like entering another world! Their bright decor filled with lively displays and novelty items conjures an atmosphere of youthful exuberance that creates an environment perfect for youth-centric shopping. Their chocolate offerings stand as testaments of its universal allure – be it luxury chocolate bars or unique snacks covered in cocoa beans; there’s sure to be something here that meets every craving imaginable – be it tourists looking for souvenirs or local residents searching for their next fix; Candylicious’s playful selection makes this must-see destination worth stopping into.

5. Al Nassma

Top 10 Best Chocolates in Dubai 9

Location: 12 39 St – DeiraAl Ras, Dubai

+971 55 538 4322

Al Nassma stands out in Dubai’s vibrant chocolate scene by providing something truly innovative: camel milk chocolate. Produced locally, its products feature velvety richness combined with subtly complex undertones due to using camel milk as its core ingredient compared to more common cow-milk varieties. From milk and dark varieties all the way through those featuring Arabian spices infused flavour profiles; Al Nassma offers both novelty as well as local authenticity!

Al Nassma excels at presentation with their chocolate offerings coming packaged beautifully to reflect Arabian culture, featuring designs inspired by regional heritage motifs and designs. Their merchandise make unique souvenirs or gifts and have proven particularly popular with tourists looking for something uniquely Emirati to bring back home with them. Al Nassma stands apart as it not just provides innovative gastronomy with cultural relevance and offers products which are as intriguing as they are tasty!

6. Laderach Chocolatier Suisse

Top 10 Best Chocolates in Dubai 11

Location: Financial Center Road, The Dubai Mallv, Unit LG, 201, Dubai

+971 4 334 4000

Laderach Chocolatier Suisse brings Swiss precision and artisanship right into Dubai’s heart, providing chocolate lovers with an extraordinary experience. Renowned for producing premium Swiss chocolate, Laderach oversees each step in its value chain from cocoa bean procurement through to production of final pieces – FrischSchoggi(tm), or fresh chocolate bars are particularly beloved; their large sheets containing fresh crunchy ingredients like nuts or dried fruits add extra dimension. Quality cacao combined with skill in crafting chocolate results in an unrivaled smooth and flavorful chocolate experience that captures Swiss tradition perfectly!

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Laderach stores are like chocolate paradise. Delectable truffles, pralines and other delectable delights adorn each corner in elegant settings; personalized gifting options make Laderach Chocolatier Suisse the perfect way to commemorate special events or treat oneself luxuriously. Located conveniently throughout Dubai for visitors seeking Swiss excellence; Laderach Chocolatier Suisse promises an experience both memorable and delectable!

7. Godiva

Top 10 Best Chocolates in Dubai 13

Location:  Mall of the Emirates, Level 1, Unit N003, Al Barsha Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

+971 4 347 8440

Godiva, known for their premium chocolate products, enjoys an established presence across Dubai’s high-end retail spaces including The Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates. Hailing from Belgium, Godiva brings its distinctive brand of European tradition combined with contemporary tastes right to UAE soil. Renowned for masterfully-crafted truffles, chocolate covered strawberries and their “Gold Collection” boxes filled with exquisite creations filled with raspberry hazelnut or caramel fillings; Godiva truly represents edible art!

Stepping inside a Godiva store is like entering an elegant sanctuary dedicated to chocolate worship. The atmosphere is welcoming yet sophisticated; chocolates elegantly displayed in glass cases or elegant gift boxes create an exquisite experience perfect for celebrating holidays or special events. Godiva offers seasonal collections tailored specifically to various palates that make great presents during holidays or other celebrations; for chocolate enthusiasts or casual enthusiasts, Godiva offers unmatched and exquisite experiences sure to leave an impactful lasting impression.

8. Pierre Marcolini

Top 10 Best Chocolates in Dubai 15

Location: Lower Ground and Fashion Avenue Dubai Mall – شارع المركز المالي – دبي

+971 4 551 1000

Pierre Marcolini brings Belgian excellence to Dubai’s already lavish culinary landscape. Renowned as an haute chocolaterie, they specialize in hand-crafting each element to perfection from their carefully curated cocoa beans selection through to roasting and grinding processes – elevating chocolate making to an art form! His creations boast complex flavors with delicate textures, made for unforgettable flavor journeys – be they macarons, intricate pralines or revolutionary chocolate tablets; each product promises an experience through extraordinary tastes.

Visit a Pierre Marcolini boutique is like entering an art gallery; each piece of chocolate here is worthy of admiration and deserves our utmost acclaim. Their packaging matches their flavors superbly; elegant yet minimal packaging make perfect presents and indulgent treats alike! Additionally, seasonal collections capture special celebrations to further increase its allure and exclusivity; you won’t just eat but experience their chocolate’s sublime beauty and complex simplicity first-hand with them.

9. Vivel Patisserie

Top 10 Best Chocolates in Dubai 17

Location: Lower Ground Floor, Dubai Marina Mall,  Dubai.

+971 4 421 1862

Vivel Patisserie, an innovative Dubai-based brand, brings something fresh to the local chocolate and dessert scene. While not strictly speaking a chocolate shop, Vivel Patisserie boasts an assortment of mouthwatering chocolates, truffles and other cocoa-based delights in its selection. Combining European traditions with modern creativity to craft delights that not only look gorgeous but taste delicious as well. Known for using high quality ingredients in their creations and expert artisan craftsmanship their chocolate masterpieces provide delightful experiences both tourists and residents.

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Vivel Patisserie exudes welcoming elegance as you step inside its luxurious gourmet offerings, from its visual display of delicacies (such as their delectable chocolates) and aroma, captivating all of your senses as soon as you walk in the door. Presentation is key here too as products often arrive beautifully packaged for gift giving or personal indulgence – ideal whether celebrating special events such as an anniversary, or simply treating yourself to gourmet experience – Vivel Patisserie adds local flare while honoring global flavors, making a notable part of Dubai’s dynamic culinary landscape!

10. La Maison Du Chocolat

Top 10 Best Chocolates in Dubai 19

Location: Dubai Mall Upper Deck Rd Fashion Atrium, Dubai United Arab Emirates

+971 50 424 3638

La Maison du Chocolat is a Paris-based chocolatier offering authentic French chocolate experiences at global locations worldwide – such as select boutiques and outlets in Dubai. Established by Robert Linxe in 1977, La Maison du Chocolat is known for their skilled creation of gourmet chocolate that captures French artisanship perfectly, from silky smooth ganaches to exquisite pralines and truffles made with intense cocoa blends and other high quality ingredients; exquisite designs feature intricate detailing which add visual feast to every piece.

La Maison du Chocolat does not maintain a permanent storefront in Dubai; however, its products can often be found at high-end department stores and gourmet food shops. Stepping inside an area displaying La Maison du Chocolat products feels like entering an elegant world; their packaging–usually its signature dark blue boxes–add an air of luxuriousness perfect for gift giving or special events. Whether newcomer to gourmet chocolate or expert collector, La Maison du Chocolat provides an experience both classic and unique that cannot be beat – definitely something everyone must try for themselves if seeking pleasure!


Dubai, an city synonymous with luxuriousness and indulgence, provides the ideal setting for discovering exquisite chocolate bars that delight customers of every stripe – be they connoisseurs of gourmet or those simply indulging themselves with delectable sweets! There’s an array of chocolate shops across Dubai catering to chocolate enthusiasts while others simply looking to treat themselves. Homegrown options like Mirzam & Al Nassma introduce exciting new tastes, while international names like Godiva & Vivel Patisserie guarantee quality & indulgence: all combine into an unforgettable tasting adventure in discovering our top 10 chocolates of Dubai make for a delicious journey through their top 10 chocolates of Dubai that you won’t soon forget.

As you stroll Dubai’s luxurious malls or historic souks, keep this guide close by: it will equip you to explore, appreciate and savor some of its finest chocolate offerings! Whether it be something just for yourself, as a present, or as memento of your time spent here; chances are good you’ll discover something to satisfy both palate and memory of Dubai – with this guide at your side, discover, appreciate and savoring its most delectable treats awaits.

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