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Top 10 Best Cakes in Dubai

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Dubai, famed for its skyscrapers, luxurious lifestyle and multicultural charm has also cemented itself a position within the culinary scene of global gastronomy. While Dubai boasts delectable dishes from across the world’s cuisines, one treat has especially captured both residents and visitors: cakes! For special events or simply satisfying one’s sweet tooth cravings – cake shops in Dubai provide something sweet just about anytime of year – from birthday celebrations to simply indulging oneself a sweet treat from time-to-time indulgence!

As part of our Dubai City Guide blog series, this post takes us on an incredible culinary adventure through Dubai to reveal its top 10 best cakes that will satisfy your sweet cravings like never before. Ranging from classic Middle Eastern flavors to creative new creations and artistic pieces crafted by Dubai artisans – lets dive deep into Dubai’s cake scene and savor its sweet delights together! Join us now in exploring all kinds of sweet goodness; here’s to discovering which 10 cake makers made our list!

Best Cakes in Dubai

Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake at Home Bakery:

Top 10 Best Cakes in Dubai 1

Location: Dubai Design District, Dubai

+971 4 344 4462

Home Bakery’s Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake has quickly become one of the city’s favorite desserts in Dubai. Situated right at its core, Home Bakery has created an exquisite dessert which seamlessly marries Lotus Biscoff cookies with creamy cheesecake – providing an indulgent bite-by-bite experience guaranteed to leave customers craving more.

What truly distinguishes this cheesecake is its sublime combination of velvety cheesecake base and the irresistibly tempting Lotus Biscoff cookies. Cheesecake itself is perfectly creamy and decadent, providing the ideal backdrop for its crunchy Lotus Biscoff cookie crumbles to decorate its surface. Once your fork hits this decadent dessert, the creamy yet slightly tart notes of cheesecake meet up perfectly with the sweet spiced crunch of Lotus Biscoff cookies – creating an unparalleled sensory experience! Home Bakery’s Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake attests to Dubai’s artistry of combining innovation with tradition to craft unforgettable treats.

Kit Kat Cake at Sugaholic Bakeshop:

Top 10 Best Cakes in Dubai 3

Location: Shop # 14 Rawdat Al Karama Building Street # 6A Near Iranian High School, Dubai

+971 4 357 9333

Sugaholic Bakeshop’s Kit Kat Cake will delight both children and sweet tooths! Situated in Dubai’s bustling commercial centre, Sugaholic’s Kit Kat Cake pays a lasting homage to one of their iconic chocolate bars while tantalising taste buds alike – both eyes-opening in appearance as well as exquisite in flavor! Sugaholic is known for creating inventive yet irresistible desserts such as this delight-ful creation from their Kit Kat Bar Cake creation!

At first glance, Sugaholic Bakeshop’s Kit Kat Cake is truly magnificent. Encased by an elaborate fortress of Kit Kat bars that serve both as structural integrity and tantalizing teases of what lies within. When cut open you will reveal layers of moist sponge cake interspersed with decadent chocolate ganache and bits of Kit Kat, providing an irresistibly mouthwatering combination of textures; its crisp crunch contrasting beautifully against velvety cake layers and decadent chocolate ganache to complete its unique delight – perfect whether celebrating an occasion or simply satisfying cravings, this delectable choice at Sugaholic Bakeshop promises not disappoint and leaves an impactful lasting impression!

Chocolate Hazelnut Explosion at Bloomsbury’s:

Top 10 Best Cakes in Dubai 5

Location: The Dubai Mall Upper Deck Rd, Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, 3, Dubai

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+971 4 325 3166

Bloomsbury’s Chocolate Hazelnut Explosion at Bloomsbury’s is the ultimate treat for dessert fans! This delectable confection elevates classic combination of chocolate and hazelnut to new heights of decadence with every mouthwatering bite! Located in Dubai’s bustling heartland, this exquisite creation perfectly encapsulates their craft of crafting decadent cakes – and this Chocolate Hazelnut Explosion stands as testament.

As soon as you see this cake, its sheer opulence will captivate and impress you. Layers of luxurious chocolate sponge cake are lavishly filled with velvety hazelnut frosting to form a sumptuous tower of delight, then decorated with chocolate chips and crunchy hazelnuts that add a delightful crunch. Every slice contains the perfect balance between dark chocolate flavorings and earthy tones of hazelnuts; perfect for chocolate connoisseurs looking for the ultimate treat – or everyday occasions that deserve one – Bloomsbury’s Chocolate Hazelnut Explosion will surely satisfy and leave them yearning for more.

Chocolate Cake at French Bakery:

Top 10 Best Cakes in Dubai 7

Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, Dubai

+971 4 343 6444

As part of its delicious offerings, this bakery in a bustling urban locale has perfected the art of creating exceptional desserts – their Chocolate Cake being proof. Perfectly satisfying chocolate lovers everywhere, its irresistibly chocolatey goodness make this cake irresistible treat that provides unparalleled cocoa-rich joy!

At first glance, the Chocolate Cake from French Bakery is truly breathtaking. With its glossy exterior covered in rich, delectable ganache, it hints of all its tempting contents within. As soon as you cut into this slice, you will discover layers of moist chocolate sponge cake filled with velvety cocoa flavors complemented by luxuriously velvety chocolate ganache layered between. Every bite provides an explosion of chocolatey goodness; its deep cocoa notes pairing beautifully with velvety smooth ganache texture for an exquisite chocolate experience! This cake embodies chocolate indulgence at its finest, providing an experience both comforting and delectably indulgent. No matter the occasion or the whim of craving something sweet, The French Bakery’s Chocolate Cake will delight chocolate and dessert enthusiasts in Dubai alike! Enjoy it today for yourself at this timeless classic that guarantees happiness with each bite of deliciousness!

Camel Milk Tres Leches at Al Nassma Café:

Top 10 Best Cakes in Dubai 9

Location: 1st Floor, Mall of the Emirates, Sheikh Zayed Road, 4th Interchange, Al Barsha 1, Al Barsha, In The Arabian Souq, Dubai

Al Nassma Cafe’s Camel Milk Tres Leches dessert offers an unforgettable and delightful culinary experience that showcases Dubai’s commitment to culinary innovation and local ingredients. At its bustling center lies Al Nassma Cafe’s Camel Milk Tres Leches: an innovative dessert which transforms its prized camel milk into an exotic flavor-rich masterpiece of Latin American dessert lore! Tres Leches means three milks in Spanish but, here, camel milk stands alone as its star ingredient and brings exotic flair and exotic flavor into this famous Latin American treat!

Initial glance of Camel Milk Tres Leches will captivate any visitor to your table; its beautifully-soaked sponge cake sits within an intricate blend of camel milk, evaporated milk and condensed milk, so as to soak up all its creamy goodness and satisfy every craving for sweetness! Each bite reveals an exquisitely moist cake infused with delectably milky flavors; camel milk adds a unique nutty undertone that distinguishes this version of Tres Leches from others. Experience a culinary journey that captures Dubai’s cultural diversity and innovation through this indulgent dessert at Al Nassma Cafe’s Camel Milk Tres Leches: an exploration of culinary creativity while paying homage to local flavors! Whether traveling alone or joining other diners for lunch.

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Red Velvet at Chateau Blanc:

Top 10 Best Cakes in Dubai 11

Location: Plot 959 Jumeirah Road, Umm Suqeim 2, Dubai

+971 4 328 9141

Chateau Blanc’s Red Velvet cake embodies the art of baking to perfection. Situated in Dubai, Chateau Blanc has long been revered for their exquisite dessert creations; their Red Velvet cake stands as proof. A popular international treat, Red Velvet cake has taken on new meaning at Chateau Blanc with quality ingredients taking center stage as they elevate this timeless dessert with outstanding flavors for their customers to enjoy. Visiting Chateau Blanc would satisfy anyone with an affinity for sweet treats!

Red Velvet cake at Chateau Blanc is an eye-catching visual masterpiece with its vibrant crimson hue and decadent white cream cheese frosting, but what truly distinguishes this delectable treat is its flavor – every bite brings forth subtle cocoa undertones harmonized perfectly with velvety cream cheese frosting, while its moist tender texture offers both comfort and sophistication. Whether celebrating special events or craving an exquisite piece of dessert perfection – Red Velvet will delight all senses and leave you craving more!

Nutella Kunafa Cake at House of Kunafa:

Top 10 Best Cakes in Dubai 13

House of Kunafa in Dubai offers an irresistibly mouthwatering Nutella Kunafa Cake that blends Middle Eastern heritage and dessert innovation in an irresistibly delightful cake treat! House of Kunafa takes Middle Eastern pastry known as Kunafa and adds modern flare by infusing it with beloved Nutella spread for an irresistibly delectable twist that showcases their commitment to maintaining cultural traditions while adding whimsical indulgent treats into its offerings. This cake showcases their dedication to both commitment to upholding cultural traditions while adding playful indulgent dessert offerings for customers!

Nutella Kunafa Cake is an eye-catching treat! Layers of golden-brown Kunafa pastry interweave beautifully with Nutella goodness to form an alluring treat packed full of textures and flavors – creating a harmonious combination. Take a bite, and experience how Kunafa pastry’s crisp buttery layers combine perfectly with Nutella’s velvety chocolatey indulgence – creating an irresistibly decadent dessert combining Middle Eastern sweet nostalgia with Nutella’s irresistibly alluring allure! No matter if you are local Dubai resident or visiting, House of Kunafa offers an irresistibly satisfying Nutella Kunafa Cake that blends tradition and innovation to deliver an exquisite dessert experience – guaranteeing unforgettable dessert memories.

Saffron Cardamom Cake at Choix Patisserie & Restaurant Par Pierre Gagnaire:

Top 10 Best Cakes in Dubai 15

Location: InterContinental Hotel Dubai Festival City, Lobby level, Dubai 45777

+971 52 898 8491

Choix Patisserie & Restaurant Par Pierre Gagnaire’s Saffron Cardamom Cake is an exquisite dessert, perfectly combining exotic Middle Eastern flavors with classic French pastry artistry. Situated at the center of Dubai, Choix Patisserie has earned a stellar reputation for culinary excellence; their creation of this delectable treat stands as evidence.

Saffron Cardamom Cake will seduce your senses from its first glimpse. Each slice reveals layers of moist, aromatic sponge cake laced with fragrant notes of cardamom for an exquisite experience. A cake that exudes sophistication, offering an experience like none other. Foodies or those simply indulging themselves can find pleasure in Choix Patisserie’s Saffron Cardamom Cake; an exquisite creation which captures Dubai’s culinary diversity and creativity in one delicious bite. Don’t miss this treat that offers both flavorful sophistication! It will deliver an unforgettable taste-bud experience.

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Caramel Lotus Cake at The Cakery:

Top 10 Best Cakes in Dubai 17

Location: Ground floor, Jumeirah Beach Hotel

The Caramel Lotus Cake at The Cakery is an irresistibly tantalizing combination of caramel and Lotus Biscoff cookies, made in Dubai. Situated at its core, The Cakery’s dessert will surely tantalize anyone craving its irresistibly crunchy bite – which encapsulates its commitment to providing exceptional treats that leave lasting impressions with their guests.

At first glance, the Caramel Lotus Cake is truly impressive. Layers of moist sponge cake enrobed in velvety caramel frosting form an irresistibly decadent tower. This cake’s true crowning glory lies within its generous layer of Lotus Biscoff cookie crumbles adorning its top; providing an irresistibly crunchy crunch which pairs beautifully with its delectably caramel base. Taste the blissful combination of rich buttery caramel notes combined with sweet spice of Lotus Biscoff cookies in every forkful and you will experience an exquisite harmony of flavors and textures that’s simply unforgettable! Ideal for any special celebration or simply satisfying cravings for dessert, The Cakery Caramel Lotus Cake promises an indulgent dessert experience sure to please. Don’t wait, order today at The Cakery Caramel Lotus Cake now – its sweet delights won’t leave a sweet aftertaste behind!

Chocolate Ganache at Sugaholic Bakeshop:

Top 10 Best Cakes in Dubai 19

Location: Shop No. 14, Rawdat Al Karama Building, , Opposite Burjuman Mall, Behind Yoko Sizzlers, Dubai

+971 4 357 9333

Sugaholic Bakeshop of Dubai provides chocolate lovers with their dream treat: their Chocolate Ganache cake. Nestled at the center of this bustling city, Sugaholic Bakeshop has perfected the art of crafting exceptional desserts; and this Chocolate Ganache cake stands as proof that chocolate transports us into another realm of unparalleled indulgence.

At first glance, Sugaholic Bakeshop’s Chocolate Ganache cake is truly mesmerizing – its glossy velvet exterior belies its abundant riches that lie below. As soon as you take that first bite, layers of moist and decadent chocolate sponge cake meet silky chocolate ganache for a mouthwatering cocoa experience that won’t let up for days – an experience both luxurious and comforting – offering sensory indulgence that’s both comforting and delightful! Whether celebrating special events or simply craving chocolatey goodness this dessert masterpiece promises to satisfy even your deepest chocolate desires while leaving behind only sweet smiles from Sugaholic Bakeshop!


Dubai’s cake scene is an indelible testament to culinary innovation and excellence, from classic favorites to daring fusions and everything in between! Indulging in these decadent treats is part of experiencing this vibrant city’s extensive gastronomy – so don’t delay, indulge now in Dubai’s sweet indulgences and take pleasure from every bite on your cake journey here!

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