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Top 10 Best Buffets in Dubai
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Top 10 Best Buffets in Dubai

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Dubai, known for its luxury, modernity, and opulence has rightfully earned itself a spot as one of the premier travel destinations worldwide. Over recent decades this oasis in the desert has rapidly evolved from being an informal trading hub into one of the global metropolises with skyscrapers, luxurious hotels, world-class shopping malls, architectural marvels as well as food lovers’ heaven; as its diverse population enjoys cuisine from across the world alongside lavish buffet offerings in Dubai that never cease to impress!

Dubai’s buffet scene provides something to fit everyone, with everything from lavish seafood spreads, sumptuous Arabic fare and international dishes all under one roof to international delicacies all available to be sampled – dining out is truly memorable experience here thanks to both sheer opulence and variety in food as well as top notch service; buffets especially provide guests with the chance to go on an international culinary voyage and sample cuisine from corners of the globe while taking advantage of stunning views and live entertainment for added culinary pleasure!

As part of our efforts to help guide you through Dubai’s culinary landscape, we have curated a list of the top 10 best buffets. No matter if you are local looking for a treat or tourist seeking something truly unforgettable – each buffet provides an unforgettable dining experience.

Best Buffets in Dubai

Al Iwan at Burj Al Arab

Top 10 Best Buffets in Dubai 1

Location: First floor Burj Al Arab, Dubai

+971 800 323232

Al Iwan at Burj Al Arab offers an experience that truly captures Arabian royal luxury. Stepping inside, its lavish interiors engulf you: gold columns and rich tapestries line its majestic halls; panoramic windows provide incredible views over the Arabian Gulf from their spectacular windows; while every element from intricate ceiling patterns to plush seating arrangements exude luxury, setting the scene for an extravagant feast!

Al Iwan offers culinary offerings that fuse traditional Arabian flavors with contemporary flare, offering guests an exquisite culinary journey encompassing succulent grills and Emirati specialities, mezze platters and tantalizing desserts. Al Iwan stands apart due to its impressive location as well as their commitment to authenticity; each dish crafted by their experienced chefs tells a unique tale about Arabia’s rich gastronomic legacy and culinary excellence – it makes Al Iwan an experience you won’t soon forget.

Kaleidoscope at Atlantis The Palm

Top 10 Best Buffets in Dubai 3

Location: Atlantis The Palm

+971 4 426 2626

Kaleidoscope at Atlantis The Palm offers an intricate tapestry of flavors, colors and textures – one of the crowning culinary jewels. Nestled against Aquaventure Waterpark and Atlantis itself, diners enter an immersive dining experience where global cuisines come together in spectacular fashion. Interiors reflect both classic elegance and contemporary chic features like detailed mosaic patterns with expansive seating areas as well as warm ambient lighting to create an atmosphere both warm and luxurious – creating an experience worth experiencing at least once!

Kaleidoscope’s culinary offerings take guests on an amazing culinary journey spanning Mediterranean shores and North African deserts to India’s heartlands. Live cooking stations punctuate the dining area so guests can witness freshly prepared dishes being created right in front of their eyes; themed nights offer unique menus and offer something different each visit; not to mention Kaleidoscope’s meticulous attention to service and atmosphere make dining at Kaleidoscope an experience full of familiar comforts and delightful surprises!

Ewaan at The Palace Downtown

Top 10 Best Buffets in Dubai 5

Location: Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Ground Level, Palace Downtown, Dubai 9770

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+971 4 888 3444

Ewaan at The Palace Downtown stands as an elegant tribute to Middle Eastern hospitality with modern luxury, seamlessly merging traditions of Middle Eastern hospitality with contemporary luxury design. This restaurant blends Arabian grandeur with contemporary elegance through arches, tents and lanterns; but perhaps its most arresting feature is its sprawling terrace offering unobstructed views of Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Fountain performances!

Ewaan offers guests an authentic Middle Eastern and international gastronomic journey, from its buffet, which boasts traditional mezze and succulent kebabs to international favorites and seafood extravaganzas or Arabian nights, offering diners focused explorations. But beyond food alone, what stands out at Ewaan is their dedication to treating each guest as royalty; every detail–from attentive service to traditional music playing throughout–has been designed for maximum experience as part of an engaging cultural narrative that goes far beyond taste alone.

Bubbalicious Brunch at The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi

Top 10 Best Buffets in Dubai 7

Location: The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina, Dubai Marina

+971 4 511 7373

At The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi, Bubbalicious Brunch stands out as an unforgettable brunch experience. Every Friday at this luxurious resort, this brunch celebrates decadence, diversity, and vibrancy; when entering its spacious dining area you are met by live music, colorful decorations, and an air of celebration!

The Bubbalicious Brunch takes you on an international culinary experience! Enjoy everything from fresh seafood and sushi, succulent roast meats and international Middle Eastern fare; something is sure to please every palette! What sets this brunch apart is not only its impressive food selection but also the interactive cooking stations where experienced chefs prepare dishes customized specifically to you and sweet tooths can indulge themselves with dessert section delight. Bubbalicious Brunch offers unlimited beverages – from sparkling wine and soft drinks, to watermelon juice and soda water – adding an endless stream of festive beverages that heighten the celebratory mood. Live entertainment and activities designed for young ones add extra fun during this day-long weekend celebration, creating unforgettable memories filled with indulgence and fun for you and your guests!

Saffron at Atlantis The Palm

Top 10 Best Buffets in Dubai 9

Location: ATLANTIS THE PALM, Dubai

+971 4 426 2626

Saffron stands as an unmistakably vibrant tribute to Asian cuisine at Atlantis The Palm resort, boasting award-winning buffet restaurant service with exotic Asian flavors that transports diners on an exquisite culinary adventure. Stepping inside Saffron will welcome you with colorful decor, bustling open kitchen and tantalizing aromas that instantly tantalize all five senses!

Saffron elevates the buffet dining experience with their extensive array of Asian cuisine, spanning Thailand, Japan, China, India and more. With more than 20 live cooking stations, this culinary oasis is a dream for food enthusiasts who appreciate culinary theater. Offering everything from sushi and sashimi to fragrant curries, dim sum, and freshly grilled meats; their options reflect every corner of Europe! Saffron stands out as an impressive destination, known for their dedication to authenticity and quality in each dish, providing diners an immersive and flavorful journey through Southeast Asian culinary. Offering both spicy Thai cuisine as well as delicate Japanese delicacies, Saffron promises that every guest’s senses embark on an amazing voyage across its culinary landscape.

Feast at Sheraton Grand Hotel

Top 10 Best Buffets in Dubai 11

Location: 3 Sheikh Zayed Road Sheraton Grand Hotel, Dubai United Arab Emirates

+971 4 503 4444

Feast, located within Dubai’s luxurious Sheraton Grand Hotel, delivers on its name. Offering an exquisite dining experience combining global culinary delights, Feast promises an experience like no other – truly living up to its name with every bite you take at this contemporary dining space that strikes an excellent balance between casual comfort and elegant luxury.

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Feast’s unique offerings distinguish it from any other restaurant: an impressive and varied buffet featuring international cuisines from around the globe – Western, Indian, Asian and Arabic alike! You’ll find anything you could ever need here: freshly made pasta dishes; succulent grilled meats with flavorful Indian curries or delicious sushi rolls made fresh to your order via live cooking stations – you even interact with chefs while they craft your food to order with precision and culinary craftsmanship! It truly offers something deliciously unforgettable; Feast is more like an interactive culinary journey around the globe where flavors from different cultures unite harmoniously for an extraordinary dining experience that caters to everyone who enters its doors!

Al Qasr Brunch at Madinat Jumeirah

Top 10 Best Buffets in Dubai 13

Location: Jumeira Road, Ground Floor, Al Qasr Hotel, Dubai 75157

+971 800 323232

Al Qasr Brunch offers diners an unforgettable culinary journey into Arabian hospitality at Madinat Jumeirah resort, taking them back in time with rich traditions, lavish interiors, views over pristine waterways and of the iconic Burj Al Arab. As soon as guests step inside this breathtaking hotel, their senses are overwhelmed with lavish architecture, royal interiors and breathtaking vistas of waterways and its iconic tower – an experience not to be forgotten!

The Al Qasr Brunch is an extravagant experience spanning three of Madinat Jumeirah’s premier restaurants and offering an exquisite variety of delicious cuisine ranging from seafood and succulent grills, international classics and Middle Eastern specialities – there’s truly something deliciously tantalizing for every guest at this brunch experience. What truly sets it apart, however, is the meticulous care taken both with regard to its cuisine offerings as well as ambiance; guests may choose indoor or al fresco seating with stunning waterway and garden views or views over lush gardens – creating both celebratory and intimate experiences every time they visit Al Qasr Brunch!

Imperium at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray

Top 10 Best Buffets in Dubai 15

Location: Jumeirah Zabeel Saray Crescent Road (West), Dubai

+971 4 453 0000

Imperium restaurant at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray resort on Palm Jumeirah exudes elegance and grandeur with its majestic atmosphere of royalty and splendor evoked by its name alone: Imperium! As soon as you step foot inside Imperium you are transported into another realm – high ceilings, crystal chandeliers, luxurious furnishings. Imperium pays homage to an earlier age of luxury by paying homage to Ottoman empire interior design while paying respect.

Imperium offers an exquisite culinary selection with both international and Middle Eastern dishes to please every palate. No matter if it’s Mediterranean flavorings you crave, delectable French cuisine or Arabian delights that bring out the creative in each chef, every dish prepared here with great care and creativity. Imperium at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray offers an extravagant buffet designed to appeal to diners of every taste and preference, creating an experience unlike any other dining space in Dubai. Savour exquisite international cuisine in an atmosphere resonating luxury and refinement at Imperium at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray – whether celebrating an important milestone, or seeking exquisite culinary adventure; Imperium offers an unforgettable dining journey you won’t soon forget.

Mosaico at Palazzo Versace Dubai

Top 10 Best Buffets in Dubai 17

Location: Culture Village Al Jadaf, Dubai

+971 4 556 8850

Nestled into Palazzo Versace Dubai is Mosaico, an exquisite culinary treasure oozing Italian luxury and style. True to its name, Mosaico serves an artfully-curated mosaic of flavors for guests’ unforgettable dining experience. Inside is its own masterpiece; decorated with intricate mosaic flooring, elegant furniture pieces and Versace tableware; each detail of Mosaico speaks of elegance and refinement!

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Mosaico’s culinary offerings reflect Italy’s exquisite and delicious traditions, and showcase an abundance of international fare along with signature Italian cuisine. Although their buffet offers international selections as well, Italian fare takes center stage! Everything on offer from handmade pastas and risottos, antipasti, wood-fired pizzas and delicious desserts is carefully hand-crafted using authentic Italian ingredients sourced directly by talented chefs. Every dish is truly an artistic work! With ingredients coming all the way from Italy themselves! Dining at Mosaico at Palazzo Versace Dubai is more than satisfying your hunger – it’s an exquisite culinary journey through Italy where flavors, aromas and atmosphere all blend to produce an extraordinary dining experience. No matter whether it is Italian cuisine you crave or elegance with great cuisine that you are seeking out; Mosaico at Palazzo Versace Dubai guarantees culinary indulgence at its best!

Carnival by Trèsind

Top 10 Best Buffets in Dubai 19

Location: 66 312 Rd, Unit P5-03/01 Level POD, The Buildings by Daman, DIFC, Dubai

+971 52 242 4262

Carnival by Tresind is an innovative culinary playground offering modern Indian fare in Dubai’s heartland. Offering both whimsical and tantalizing dining experiences, Carnival welcomes diners with lively decor reminiscent of carnival spirit that sets an unforgettable culinary journey ahead. As soon as you step through its doors you are welcomed by vibrant atmosphere of vibrant colors and patterns inspired by carnival spirit – setting off an incredible journey that won’t soon forget!

Carnival by Tresind offers an exquisite menu designed to be experienced through all five senses; each dish carefully created to deliver a distinctive combination of flavors, textures and presentation. Offering contemporary takes on Indian cuisine using traditional ingredients and techniques in new and surprising ways; starting from amuse-bouche through to grand finale every course is delightfully surprising: dishes dance between sweet and savory and spicy yet subtle flavors and presentation; engaging chefs often interact directly with diners as they present dishes artistically with flair – truly an interactive dining experience like no other; not just another meal but rather an unforgettable journey through India like no other!


Dubai is known for being an extravagant metropolis where each experience strives to be unforgettable, special and unparalleled – the buffet scene being no different! Dubai stands as an intersection between cultures, providing the ideal setting for an engaging gastronomic exploration that not only fulfills hunger, but also inspires curiosity to experience various cuisines and culinary techniques. Each buffet listed here exemplifies Dubai’s commitment to excellence, extravagance and epicurean delights. With traditional Middle Eastern aromas or international tastes from faraway corners – Dubai promises an experience like no other when it comes to buffets! So the next time you find yourself visiting this dazzling city be sure to indulge at least one (if not more) of these top buffets; your palate will thank you and memories of sumptuous feasts in the desert will last a lifetime!

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