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Top 10 Best BBQ Restaurants in Dubai

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Dubai, known for its skyscrapers, luxurious shopping and vibrant culture, also provides an exciting culinary scene catering to diverse tastes and preferences. Within an array of international cuisines offered here is an abundance of barbecue restaurants offering tantalizing dishes from succulent ribs to perfectly smoked briskets – providing customers with an experience sure to please even the pickiest palates.

Prepare your palates for an epicurean journey as we venture into the exciting world of smoked meats, delectable sauces and unforgettable dining experiences that define Dubai’s barbecue culture. No matter if it’s casual dining with family or upscale celebration, Dubai has many quality BBQ joints – we are here to help you discover them and find you your new favorites among them all! Let’s delve into and experience Dubai’s finest BBQ eateries today.

Our culinary exploration of Dubai’s barbecue scene takes a delectable tour, uncovering its top 10 best BBQ restaurants that stand out for their exquisite food, atmosphere and service. No matter if you are resident looking for your next fix or tourist wanting to experience new tastes in this vibrant city; our list will point the way towards some remarkable barbecue destinations in Dubai.

Best BBQ Restaurants in Dubai

Jones the Grocer:

Top 10 Best BBQ Restaurants in Dubai 1

 Location: Sheikh Zayed Rd, Al Manara, Opposite Time Square Centre, Dubai

+971 4 346 6886

Jones the Grocer, nestled within Al Manara on Sheikh Zayed Road, offers a truly delicious BBQ experience by seamlessly merging Australian influences with Middle Eastern flavors into one outstanding culinary offering. Not only can their exquisite BBQ delight your senses; the restaurant also provides an inviting ambiance.

Jones the Grocer is distinguished by their dedication to using only high-grade ingredients, with meat carefully selected from local suppliers ensuring each bite delivers flavor-filled journey of succulent cuts of beef perfectly seasoned and cooked until smoky perfection. Their menu showcases classic barbecue classics ranging from succulent ribs and juicy burgers with Middle Eastern spiced rubs enhancing each one, creating an enjoyable dining experience at Jones.

Their laid back atmosphere and diverse offerings ensure something delicious for every BBQ craving, making Jones an Al Manara favourite destination right in Dubai! With welcoming staff and unforgettable dishes on offer this restaurant offers BBQ lovers something they won’t find elsewhere: Jones The Grocer Al Manara truly offers one stop-shop bliss in Dubai for all lovers looking for delicious BBQ food.

The Grill Shack

Top 10 Best BBQ Restaurants in Dubai 3

 Location: The Dubai Mall, Second Floor Food Court, Dubai

+971 4 388 2382

Located in Dubai’s bustling heart, The Grill Shack provides the classic American BBQ experience to visitors from across Dubai and beyond. When entering, its distinctive aroma of slow-smoked meats draws customers in, promising an enjoyable dining adventure!

At The Grill Shack, the chefs take great pride in crafting delicious American-style BBQ. By employing traditional smoking techniques and selecting premium cuts of meat for each dish they create a masterpiece – from juicy racks of ribs slathered with spicy BBQ sauce to perfectly cooked steaks; The menu at The Grill Shack provides delicious carnivorous delights sure to please. Its rustic yet welcoming environment provides the ideal setting for enjoying casual meals with friends or family; whether seasoned smoked meat enthusiasts or first timers; The Grill Shack provides authentic American style barbecue experience that doesn’t disappoint.

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Carnival by Tresind:

Top 10 Best BBQ Restaurants in Dubai 5

 Location: 66 312 Rd, Unit P5-03/01 Level POD, The Buildings by Daman, DIFC, Dubai

+971 52 242 4262

Carnival by Tresind offers an innovative barbecue experience in Dubai’s DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre). At Carnival by Tresind you’re treated to an experience unlike any other, where Indian culinary traditions combine seamlessly with the art of barbecue for an incredible dining experience that transports you straight into culinary bliss and innovation! Step inside, and prepare to be amazed.

Carnival by Tresind stands out among its counterparts by breaking culinary boundaries. Their chefs skillfully incorporate Indian spices and techniques into their barbeque offerings for dishes with both stunning visual appeal and explosive flavors that leave customers speechless. No matter your taste preference – be it tender kebabs, succulent tandoori meats or delicious vegetarian offerings – every bite at this eatery promises an explosion of flavors and textures! Carnival by Tresind offers an enchanting dining experience in its lively, colorful ambience – the ideal setting to complement its vibrant flavors on each plate! For anyone seeking an extraordinary BBQ experience in Dubai, this restaurant should not be overlooked; tradition meets innovation here and each meal becomes an exquisite feast of flavors.

The Els Club Restaurant:

Top 10 Best BBQ Restaurants in Dubai 7

 Location: Dubai Sports City, Dubai 111123

+971 4 425 1000

Els Club Restaurant at Dubai Sports City provides an ideal destination for anyone in search of an enjoyable BBQ dining experience in Dubai. As part of its esteemed Els Club membership, this venue features stunning views across lush green fairways to provide a tranquil and memorable setting to experience their cuisine.

Els Club Restaurant stands out by combining gourmet dining and barbecue delights into their menu offerings, creating something truly unforgettable for their patrons – not only golfers but anyone interested in fine cuisine alike can appreciate this wonderful spot. This restaurant’s menu boasts an exciting range of delectable BBQ offerings, from perfectly grilled steaks and succulent meats, all expertly prepared in an inviting ambience. Just a short drive from Dubai International Golf Course or offering an ideal getaway, The Els Club Restaurant provides the ideal setting to savor tasty barbecue dishes while taking in stunning surroundings. A hidden gem for BBQ fans in Dubai where delicious cuisine meets an equal passion for golf.

The Blacksmith Smokehouse:

Top 10 Best BBQ Restaurants in Dubai 9

Location: 1st Floor, Wyndham Dubai, Marina, Al Seba St, Wyndham Dubai Marina, Dubai

+971 4 407 8873

In Dubai’s Wyndham Dubai Marina lies The Blacksmith Smokehouse: an intimate yet satisfying dining experience perfect for barbecue enthusiasts looking for authentic and soulful BBQ. As its name implies, The Blacksmith Smokehouse prides itself in specializing in smoking meat to perfection with incredible devotion – offering authentic barbecue taste for diners who crave it in Dubai’s heartland.

What sets The Blacksmith Smokehouse apart is their commitment to timeless BBQ traditions. Here, chefs take great pleasure in using traditional slow-smoking techniques so that every cut of meat infused with irresistibly smoky flavors and juicy textures. Offering delectable brisket and tender, juicy ribs, the menu at The BBQ Junction celebrates classic BBQ fare in an inviting rustic ambiance complete with wooden furnishings for added character – making this restaurant ideal for relaxing meals shared among family or friends. No matter your taste or experience level in barbecue dining, The Blacksmith Smokehouse in Dubai captures the true spirit of barbecue with an unforgettable dining adventure that blends flavor with passion to offer an incredible dining experience.

Brauhaus – Jumeirah Rotana:

Top 10 Best BBQ Restaurants in Dubai 11

 Location: Jumeirah Rotana Hotel 2nd of December Street Near Dune, Dubai

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Brauhaus at Jumeirah Rotana stands out as an exciting twist to traditional barbecue dining by infusing authentic Bavarian flavors into its dishes, providing visitors with an exceptional dining experience in an exquisite Bavarian ambience. Serving hearty portions of deliciously grilled delights this restaurant truly stands out.

What truly sets Brauhaus apart is their combination of German culture and BBQ cuisine, serving delicious sausages and meat dishes prepared to perfection. Here, expect an abundance of succulent sausages and delectable grill items! On our menu you can enjoy classic Bavarian fare such as schnitzels, sauerbraten and an impressive variety of sausages served alongside generous portions of sauerkraut and crispy potatoes for an authentic Bavarian meal. Also enjoy our selection of Bavarian beers to complete the experience.

Brauhaus provides an authentic German experience in its cozy yet vibrant ambience with traditional Bavarian decor and live music, taking guests straight back into Germany itself. Perfect for both barbecue fans and cultural dining enthusiasts in Dubai looking for an extraordinary dining experience, Brauhaus promises an enjoyable dining adventure complete with Bavarian charm – guaranteed. Whether it’s for lunch with friends or special celebrations – Brauhaus promises unforgettable culinary adventures at every visit.

BBQ Delights:

Top 10 Best BBQ Restaurants in Dubai 13

Location: Uptown Motor City, Dubai

+971 4 243 2915

BBQ Delights has multiple branches throughout Dubai and has long been a favourite dining option among residents who appreciate authentic Pakistani and North Indian flavors, with an emphasis on barbecue delights. As testament to Dubai’s culinary legacy, decades-long practiced grilling techniques are perfected at this restaurant.

BBQ Delights stands out with its commitment to authentic flavors. Their menu features everything from delicious kebabs and biryanis to aromatic curries – truly something delicious for everyone! BBQ Delights’s culinary team takes immense pride in crafting each dish to be an aromatic blend of spices, creating authentic Pakistan and North India cuisine in an inviting family-friendly setting at BBQ Delights. You will never go away disappointed after enjoying an experience here! BBQ Delights offers an unforgettable culinary journey through South Asian flavors with every delicious bite it offers, making this restaurant essential for BBQ enthusiasts and fans of Indian or Pakistani food in Dubai.

The Meating Room:

Top 10 Best BBQ Restaurants in Dubai 15

Location: Building No 3 , Shop 16 , Al Wasl Hub , 41st Street , , Karama, Dubai

+971 4 331 2567

The Meating Room, situated in Dubai Festival City’s center, offers carnivores a dream experience by mixing American barbecue traditions with its relaxed yet welcoming environment. Renowned for their delectable smoked meats and mouthwatering burgers, The Meating Room has earned a spot as the go-to location in Dubai for barbecue fans who crave American-style fare.

At The Meating Room, what sets them apart from their competition is their dedication to smoking and grilling. Their menu offers an impressive variety of slow-smoked meats – everything from tender brisket to succulent fall-off-the-bone ribs – meticulously prepared using their signature blend of smokey flavors for an addictive dining experience. Are You Craving Classic Barbecue Dishes Or delectable Gourmet Burgers? At The Meating Room we have something deliciously traditional or modern and gourmet for every appetite and palate – The Meating Room guarantees it. At BBQ Corner in Dubai, its cozy yet casual ambience with rustic decor and casual dining offers guests an enjoyable dining experience every time they visit – perfect for both BBQ enthusiasts and anyone seeking hearty meals in Dubai! Here, passion for delicious food meets passion for smoking meat to form one delicious barbecue haven in the city.  

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The Texas Roadhouse:

Top 10 Best BBQ Restaurants in Dubai 17

Location: 1/F Dubai Festival City, Mw005a, Dubai

+971 4 452 9971

The Texas Roadhouse brings authentic Texas BBQ flavors right into Dubai’s bustling heart with multiple branches across this emirate, boasting delicious tender ribs, succulent steaks and an inviting Western ambience.

What sets The Texas Roadhouse apart is their commitment to serving authentic Texan flavors through delicious dishes prepared with care and precision. Their menu offers mouthwatering dishes bursting with bold taste! From their succulent fall-off-the-bone ribs seasoned with their proprietary blend of spices to hand-cut steaks prepared daily, every bite at Texas House takes you on an extraordinary culinary journey through Texas’ heartland. At The Texas Roadhouse in Dubai, its lively yet fun-loving atmosphere complete with country music and vibrant Western decor enhances your overall dining experience, making it the ideal spot for either an informal meal with friends or celebrating family milestones. No matter if you’re an expert barbeque enthusiast or looking for authentic Texas flavors – The Texas Roadhouse promises an incredible dining journey filled with real Texas flavors and Southern hospitality.

BBQ Al Qasr – Emirates Palace:

Top 10 Best BBQ Restaurants in Dubai 19

 Location: West Corniche Road, Abu Dhabi, Middle East

+971 2 690 7999

BBQ Al Qasr at Abu Dhabi offers an incredible barbecue dining experience like none other, set against the stunning Arabian Gulf as its backdrop and featuring beachfront seating that perfectly compliments its delectable barbecue selections.

BBQ Al Qasr stands out with its lavish decor and picturesque setting. Specializing in seafood BBQ, they feature fresh catch expertly prepared to your preference on an open flame grill. Experience the sublime flavors of succulent lobster, succulent tiger prawns and an array of seafood as they take in the gentle sea breeze and sound of waves crashing onshore at BBQ Al Qasr – another hallmark of luxury at Emirates Palace itself! BBQ Al Qasr at Emirates Palace provides diners with an elegant and upscale environment where they can savor some of the freshest seafood barbecue dishes in an idyllic beachfront location. Ideal for celebrating special events or simply treating yourself to a lavish beach barbecue feast, its unforgettable dining experience alone makes a visit worthwhile from Dubai.


Dubai’s BBQ scene is vibrant and full of exciting flavors waiting to be discovered. From classic American barbeques and Middle Eastern-influenced fare, to more unique offerings – these top 10 BBQ restaurants in Dubai provide plenty of delicious barbecue experiences! So gather up friends and family, and begin exploring Dubai’s finest BBQ establishments together – you may just discover something delicious you didn’t expect!

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