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How To Find Best Store Offers and Discounts In Dubai
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How To Find Best Store Offers and Discounts In Dubai

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Dubai is an attraction, and the most alluring thing about Dubai is its breathtaking shopping malls and the great variety of things you can’t find anywhere else. But for most people, shopping in Dubai is eye candy because of their high price tags. But don’t worry because we have got you covered. We will tell you some amazing Dubai deals and offers, so you can get your hands on your favorite things in Dubai without burning your bank.

This article will tell you some of the best stores offering discounts in UAE, so you don’t have to wait until the upcoming sale in Dubai. By following our guide, you can save a considerable Dirhams on food, clothes, shoes and beauty. So, without any further delay, let’s get into this.

How to find discounts in Dubai

Use discount Apps

Using discount Apps and codes is the first way to save money while shopping in UAE. Several Apps offer daily discounts and gift vouchers. By using this App, you can get amazing deals and considerable discounts at spas, hotels, restaurants and shopping centers.

How To Find Best Store Offers and Discounts In Dubai 1

Let’s discover some legitimate apps to help you save money in UAE.


This wonderful App provides you with a discount of over 70%. Yes, you heard it. You can get up to 70% off by using this App. Download the app to use UAE offers today and save money. You can get discounts from famous outlets like Sweet Factory, Roux, and Mooyah Burger utilizing this App.

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Cobone has been providing discounts, coupons, and discount offers to the people of Dubai for a decade. It is one of the best Apps for Dubai food lovers because of its discounts on food items. It has the best deals on Radisson Blu, Baskin Robbins, and Dreamland Aquapark. Downloading and claiming discounts using these apps is quite simple.

So, look no further and download Cobone to avail all the offers in Dubai today.

Smiles by Etisalat

Using this App, you can enjoy the buy one gets one free deal on food and activities on your favorite sites in UAE. This App is quite famous for providing 50% off on weekday cinemas.

Zomato Gold

It is also the best App for all food lovers. You can buy one get one free, and buy 2 get 2 free deals on several growing restaurants partnered with Zomato. The gold membership will certainly halve your food bill. So, you can fill your stomach with the yummiest food in Dubai without thinking about the bill.


Picodi is my favorite App because they launch daily trending offers, deals and discounts. Through this App, you can get discounts on clothes, hotels, hardware, and flight tickets. Download the app to use Dubai deals and offers.

Contrary to the widely held belief, Dubai is an excellent place to shop at a discounted rate. Beyond the luxury brands and malls, some stores have breathtaking collections, selling their collections at reasonable prices. Following are some stores you should m, must visit during your visit to Dubai.

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Discount shops in Dubai

Dubai Waterfront market

If you want cheap groceries, visit the Dubai waterfront in Deira. This place has a wide range of seafood and locally available vegetables. Moreover, the place has several shops selling excellent quality clothes and accessories at a low price.

You can save considerable dirham by shopping at this place if you have good bargaining skills.

Dragon Mart

Dragon Mart has over 5000 clothes, shoe wear, home décor, accessories and sports gear shops. You can get your hand on unique and antique items cheaply with a little wondering.

Souks in Dubai

If you want to join the traditional vibe of Dubai, you should visit Souks. There are many Souks in Dubai, including perfume Soucks, gold souls and fabric socks. You can get premium quality silks, velvet and other fabrics from the fabric Soucks. In addition, a wide range of discounted bags and perfumes are the main attractions for visitors.

The Outlet Village

The outlet village is one of the most famous malls of Dubai for selling affordable. The mall has all the international stores under one roof and at an affordable price. The shopping mall is near the Dubai parks and resorts.

KARAMA center

If you want to shop away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai, then KARAMA Centre is the best place to visit. You can discover some gems here without spending all your budget. Numerous shops sell designer clothes, shoes and bags at a reasonable price. So, why wait for more? Visit these stores and get the best stuff in the lowest price range.

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Final thought

Dubai is the dream city for shopping; the collection you can find in Dubai cannot be found anywhere else. And the great thing is; you can get your hands on the premium things at an affordable price.

So, before shopping in Dubai, use our guide to save some dirhams.



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