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Top 10 Restaurants in UAE Across Every State!
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Dining Gems: Top 10 Restaurants in UAE Across Every State!

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Set yourself off on an epicurean tour across the United Arab Emirates! Our “Top 10 UAE Restaurants from Every State” list unveils some of the very best dining establishments to enjoy across our five states; from vibrant Dubai to peaceful Abu Dhabi and beyond you’ll taste an assortment of delectable cuisine in unique environments that promise an exquisite dining experience – guaranteed to tantalize every sense!

Top 10 Restaurants in UAE

So get ready to savor an extraordinary flavor journey. Let’s begin this tasty journey now!

Best Restaurants In Dubai

Best Restaurants In Dubai

Dubai has changed the game of dining. Dubai’s luxury restaurants, unique serving styles, and unforgettable mouthwatering taste do not need any fancy introduction.

Time Out market Dubai

Time Out market Dubai

It is not just a restaurant; it is a vibrant food market. You will get; vegetarian and meaty food varieties here under one roof. Moreover, Italian, Asian, Barbecue, Arabic, and Halal food is available too. The taste of the food is excellent along with prices being fair and above all the staff is friendly.

Orfali Bros Bistro

Orfali Bros Bistro

Orfali is the number one restaurant in the middle east and North Africa. The restaurant’s main aim is to give a heavenly meal to all food lovers. Their food combines Greek, Middle Eastern, and Asian dishes in addition to yummy deserts.

Moreover, their customer service is one of the most considerable charms, their humble staff visit all the tables and guide their guests about the taste and ingredients about their food.

Café Isan

Café Isan

Café Isan is purposely designed to give a traditional Thai street stall vibe. Their hot-selling items include lamb dishes, so if you are craving mutton, visit this place to get the best mutton dishes in Dubai.

Their prices are reasonable, and the environment is family-friendly.


Sirali restaurant

To enjoy the best Turkish food in Dubai, visit the Sirali restaurant. Sirali is a new food spot in Dubai, but it has gained fame in no time because of its excellent taste, unique dishes, and creative presentation.

Bull & Bear

Bull & Bear restaurant dubai

If you want a heavy meaty meal in Dubai, visit the Bull & Bear. Everything here is excellent, from the simple-cut plain steak to creamy Mac steak. It is one of the most Luxe North American restaurants in the heart of Dubai.



Nobody can deny the unique taste of Chinese food. And you can expect the typical mouthwatering taste of Chinese food at the Hutong Dubai. The restaurant has the best team that gives you the best suggestions.

The glamorous dining and the excellent food will certainly make you a lover of Hutong. They have a separate bar with a range of drinks as well.

Twiggy by La Cantine

Twiggy by La Cantine

Want to visit a high-class European restaurant? We have got your back. If you have a guest in town, we suggest you take them to Twiggy By La Cantine; they will undoubtedly be impressed with your hospitality. The freshly grilled food, a wide range of seafood, and sushi are must-try. Their taste, aroma, and texture are just perfect.

Moreover, the place is quite aesthetic; visit the site and you will not regret.


umami restaurant dubai

The restaurant started to bring the taste of typical Asian food. But now, it has a wide range of Japanese food, Sushi’s and many more dishes. The best thing about them is that their dishes are perfectly cooked and flavorful.

Umami is simple yet one of the best restaurants in Dubai. Do visit them to get a traditional taste of Japanese and Asian food.

Wild and the Moon

Wild and the Moon dubai

Dubai has a lot to offer to plant-based dieters. Wild and the Moon is the best place for you if you are on an organic or plant-based diet. Their ingredients are fresh, organic, local, without chemicals, and ethically sourced.

The menu is specifically designed to keep healthy eating under consideration. All the desserts and sweet dishes are without refined sugar. They have various salads, juices, bowls, soups, and smoothies. We recommend that all vegetarians visit this restaurant for the best vegetarian meal.

Nour in the Kitchen

Nour in the Kitchen

Are you craving something sweet? We have got your back. Nour Kitchen went viral because of their Nutella lava cupcake. They have got the best cupcakes in town and we recommend all the people who enjoy desserts and sweets give their cupcakes a try. You will love the taste, the perfect sugar balance, and the dough sponge.

Although the setup is small, it deserves to be included in the list of the ten best restaurants in Dubai.

Best restaurants in Abu Dhabi

Best restaurants in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the vibrant capital city of United Arab Emirates, boasts an exquisite dining scene that caters to diverse palates. There is something deliciously delightful waiting at each corner in Abu Dhabi’s bustling dining scene but certain establishments stand out as epitomes of culinary excellence.


hakkasan abu dhabi

If you want an unforgettable dining experience in Abu Dhabi, visit the Hakkasan. It is one of the best restaurants for all Chinese lovers because its dishes incorporate Chinese flavor into foreign cuisines, such as its renowned Chilean seabass and crispy chicken duck salad.

Whether it’s a special event or a night out with friends, this is a must-see for everyone in the capital.

Dai Pai Dong

Dai Pai Dong

Dai Pai Dong is one of Abu Dhabi’s most popular Chinese restaurants, offers elegance, excellence, and authenticity. It is a perfect place to spend the weekend with friends and family because of its stylish furnishings, extensive dining selections, and wide range of classy Chinese dishes. Dai Pai Dong has something for everyone; the meaty menu is wide, but there are also several options if you are a plant-based dieter.


Zuma abu dhabi

It is one of the most popular restaurants in the world, with 15+ franchises worldwide. Their outstanding service, contemporary interiors, and wide range of dining options are the main attraction for visitors.

It is quite a family-friendly place. We recommend visiting this place in the evening to get the best vibe.


Benihana abu dhabi

Benihana is one of the oldest steakhouses globally. Their specialty is that they used exotic ingredients to make the taste of their food unforgettable. Moreover, they allow you to witness your food’s cooking in the live kitchen to see their hygiene standard and the quality of their raw material. Isn’t it amazing? For authentic Japanese taste and environment, try this place.

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Finz abu dhabi

Dinner at the beachside sounds romantic. To make your visit to the beachside more romantic and tastier, visit the Finz. Finz is located at the Beach Rotana, and they have the best and the yummiest variety of seafood.

This place will cater to all the cravings of seafood lovers. Their unique taste and excellent dining are the main reason for their popularity.

Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor

Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor

If you are looking for something desi and Indian in Abu Dhabi, you must visit this place. It is one of the best places for Indian food in Abu Dhabi. The best thing about the restaurant is that they have given a traditional taste to the modern dishes, and their presentation is admirable.

We recommend you try the Paneer Makhani on your next visit to the Signature restaurant; you will love the taste.


Cipriani abu dhabi

You all know that Cipriani is one of the most famous restaurant chains in the world, and it is known for its most delicious Italian food. The restaurant makes sure not to make the restaurant environment too fancy. They have a perfect combination of simplicity and elegance.

The food has a unique taste because it uses pure and refined ingredients.

Zeera by Buddha-bar

Zeera by Buddha-bar

The restaurant has ideally given a modern touch to the traditional dishes. Zeera by Buddha-bar is one of the best restaurants if you want to enjoy live cooking. Live mouthwatering barbeque is enough to make you hungry. In addition, there are many theatrics, including the plumes of dry ice to flavor bluster guns.

If you are a fan of meaty dishes, you should visit this place to satisfy your hunger pangs.


Antonia Abu Dhabi

Want to try the taste of Rome in UAE? Search no more; Antonia is the place for you. It is one of the best pizza places in Abu Dhabi. Although the menu is old-school Italian, all the dishes have a modern touch. Their variety of toppings and subtle ingredients won the hearts of all pizza lovers.

You would be amazed to know they even have a sweet pizza for dessert. Isn’t it amazing?


Sontaya Abu Dhabi

Sontaya is the perfect date night spot; it has the most aesthetic sittings, a spectacular sunset view, the best Thai food, and the most aesthetic interior. The hot-selling items of the restaurants include Massaman rib curry, Tiger Prawns, and Lobster.

The restaurant’s environment is relatively calm and relaxing; it is the perfect spot to spend time with your family and friends on weekends.

Best Restaurants in Sharjah

Best Restaurants in Sharjah

In the heart of the United Arab Emirates lies a city renowned for its culinary delights. Sharjah, a vibrant and diverse metropolis, is a haven for food lovers from all walks of life. Its bustling streets and food markets are filled with tantalizing aromas and a symphony of flavors that captivate the senses. Let’s find out the ten best restaurants in Sharjah

Al Qubtan 

Al Qubtan sharjah

Want to enjoy the fresh fruity cocktail while enjoying the most calming beach view? Al Qubtan Sharjah is here to serve you. From a casual fried shrimps and fries plate to a delicious lobster, Al Qubtan has everything for you. 

This beachside restaurant is famous for the perfect ambiance, good fresh food, the best staff, and providing good value for the money. 

Gazebo restaurant 

All those who want high-quality food while witnessing the hygiene standards should visit the Gazebo restaurants. The best thing about the restaurant is that it has a family-friendly environment. 

Gazebo is one of the best Indian restaurants in Sharjah, and it aims to maintain the quality of controlled food; that is why they emphasize the methods of food being handled in their kitchen. Visit Gazebo to have the most hygienic and tasty food. 

Shakespeare and Co. 

Shakespeare and Co. is considered one of Sharjah’s best restaurants because of its fantastic location, menu, and good food taste. The restaurant has a very cool front water view which gives a very romantic look to the restaurant. 

They have a wide range of fast food and drinks, all finger-licking good. We suggest you try the pizza, pasta, Bacon, and sandwiches. The average serving price of the restaurant is also quite reasonable, so we recommend you visit Shakespeare and Co. 

Kabab Karachi 

Kabab Karachi is one of the best Pakistani restaurants, with a menu full of desi dishes. All the visitors have praised the food’s taste and quality. We recommend this place because it has the most family-friendly environment and relatively simple and unique food dishes.

At the Kabab Karachi, they serve the best Malai boti, BBQ Biryani, and paratha roll. If you live near Al-Nahda, you should visit this place. 

Gusti Restaurant 

Gusti is one of the most loved restaurants in Sharjah because of its most famous lunch buffet, followed by mushrooms. This restaurant will satisfy all your food cravings, and in addition to this, they have access to the swimming pool. So, it’s the perfect deal to spend a memorable weekend. 

The Gusti restaurant’s buffet lunch offers many Mediterranean and international cousins. 

Al khan restaurant 

Al Khan restaurant looks like a piece of art when you enter the restaurant; astounding wall art and lights welcome you. It is also one of the most romantic and calm places to eat in Sharjah. The great thing about the restaurant is its menu. On their menu, you will find almost all the famous dishes of the world, and the best part is their dishes do not have the same taste; the chefs maintain the traditional taste of all the dishes. 

They have a side for live cooking so that you can witness the cooking process of your food. So, don’t look any further and visit this place to get the most romantic and tasty meal date. 

Spot Grill restaurant 

If you want to avoid visiting the fancy restaurant, go for the Spot and Grill restaurant. The restaurant is quite simple, yet the food is fantastic. I bet you will forget your diet there because all the food is so tasty, fresh and perfectly cooked. 

La Bamba Restaurant 

La Bamba’s outdoor venue will give you a traditional vibe of UAE. The restaurant is on a private beach; you can wiggle your toes in the sand while enjoying the shade of palm trees, sipping their most famous drinks, and having the most delicious seven-course meal. 

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Their menu is as good as their location; they have a variety of meaty menus, including fresh grilled chicken, lamb, and fish and a range of leaf-based fresh salads. La Bamba is famous for providing the best food and memories that last. 

Arabian Tea house 

As you step into the Arabian tea house, you travel back in time and witness the most authentic style with turquoise tables, lace curtains, and rattan chairs; tables are beautifully decorated with fresh flowers; without any doubt, the Arabian tea house is a vibe. 

Arabian tea houses have a wide menu, including their famous Arabian drinks, their main courses (that are super delicious), and in the end, they serve the Arabian Qahwa. They also have a kid’s menu which is super light and has all the healthy dishes. 

Yasmina Restaurant 

The list of Sharjah’s best restaurants was complete with the Yasmina restaurant. Yasmina restaurant has the best classic and Mediterranean breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets. Moreover, the colored mosaic and ornamental decorations complete the dining experience. 

So, if you want to temp your tastebuds with the best buffet in Sharjah, Yasmina restaurant is your place. Although the restaurant’s price is slightly higher, it is worth it. 

Best Restaurants in Ajman 

Best Restaurants in Ajman 

Ajman culinary delights await at every corner; it boasts a rich and diverse food scene that will tantalize even the most discerning palate. From traditional Emirati cuisine to international flavors, this charming city is home to some of the best food places that will leave you craving more. Let’s discover some of the best restaurants in Ajman. 

Marasea Restaurant 

If you love seafood, Marasea is the place for you. At Marasea, you will find all the exclusive dishes of seafood. They serve the best seafood in the town; if you want to enjoy the Portuguese, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Asian Flavors seafood, this place is a must-visit. 

The place has a good vibe, and all the presentations of the dishes are outclassed. 


There are dozens of Indian restaurants in Ajman, but finding a restaurant that can serve the typical north Indian taste might be challenging. And if you are craving Indian food, there is no need to go anywhere because Bukhara in Ajman got you covered. 

This award-winning restaurant is the only branch of the original Bukhara restaurant in New Delhi, bringing authentic Indian food. Their menu is filled with traditional Indian food; all desi food lovers should visit this place. 

Café Naseem 

The cafe is unique as it offers theme nights throughout the week. We visited the restaurant on Tuesday, the Chinese buffet day. The peaceful café has an outdoor sitting overlooking the Arabian Gulf. 

The taste of the food is unique, you will also find live cooking stations, and you can select your spices there. 


Every city must have a nice Italian pizza spot, and in Ajman, we have Sabella’s restaurant. In addition to pizza, Sabella’s has a great variety of traditional Italian food and drink. It is also one of the best places for vines in Sharjah. 

If you want to enjoy the stone grill pizza, delicious and authentic pizza, visit Sabella’s. 


Kiyi restaurant serves all kinds of Turkish food, drinks, and cuisines. It is also an award-winning restaurant for serving good quality delicious food. Kiyi restaurant in Ajman combines hospitality and elegance along with impeccable service. 

Kiyi Ajam promises truly frightful dining services. Visit to have the best Turkish food. 

Zanzi Bar 

Zanzi is one of the best beachside restaurants in Ajman. The best thing is that you can avail of the private dining option on the beach of this restaurant. The restaurant offers the best fresh seafood dishes from all over the world. And you will be amazed to know that vegetarian dishes have several options. 

Safi restaurant 

Safi restaurant is also located on the beachside, known for its non-vegetarian food. Their best food includes grilled meat, seafood, burgers, a wide range of Asian dishes, and mouthwatering desserts. 

You can also customize your food according to your preference. 

Best restaurants in Umm Al Quwain

Best restaurants in Umm Al Quwain

Umm Al Quwain is a hotspot for food lovers; it has several fine restaurants combining the coastal mangroves, dunes, and a fertile oasis with fine dining. From traditional UAE dishes to fancy international meals, the restaurants in the Umm Al Quwain have it all. Let’s find out some of the best restaurants in Umm Al Quwain. 

Thunder road Barracuda 

The restaurants have all types of food, including vegetarian, nonveg, and gluten-free meals. Barracuda offers a wide range of Italian food with an American twist. We recommend the Gnocchi Sorrentina and Hawaiian pizza; you will love the taste. 


Backwaters is one of the best Indian restaurants in Umm Al Quwain. In this restaurant, you will find various non-veg dishes and several Kerala Indian seafood. The taste of all the dishes is unique and admirable. Moreover, the dining experience is also quite well. 

Beef dry fry is their hot-selling item, and you should try it. 

Ozone Café 

Ozone café has the best sweet dishes and drinks. They have world-class pancakes, honey dip fruits, and the yummiest pizza. This restaurant is a must-visit for all diet-conscious people because you will find several fresh fruits and vegetable salads there. 

Last but not least there, ice creams and chocolate cake should certainly be on your bucket list. 

Al Ayaam Restaurant 

To enjoy the grill prepared from the finest and tenderest meat, you must visit Al Ayaam Restaurant at Umm Al Quwain. Their frilled lamb, kababs, is grilled chicken is famous in town for their juiciness and tenderness. 

The restaurant has fancy luxurious indoor seating and a suspicious outdoor setup. 

The Beach restaurant 

The unique and comprehensive food menu you will get at the Beach restaurant cannot be found anywhere else in the Umm Al Quwain. To spend a fun evening with your friends, visit the Beach restaurants. They serve the best meaty menu, and in the evening, they introduce their special drinks, vines, and shisha on the menu. 

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Broccoli pizza and pasta 

They have a wide range of pasta and pizza. However, not all of them are worth trying. 

In addition to pasta and pizzas, they have a wide range of salads to maintain a perfect balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fiber to keep you healthy. 

Sikkat Beirut Restaurant and Café

If you want good Lebanese cuisine without burning your bank, visit this place. This restaurant is famous because of its simple and peaceful environment. Their staff is friendly and mannered, and their service is quick.

You will enjoy the light environment and tasty food there.

Belgium Waffles

The taste of the waffles I found at the Belgium waffles was unmatchable. They have a variety of fresh fruits and ice creams. In addition to waffles, they serve commendable pizzas and burgers.

Best Restaurants in Ras Al Khaimah

Best restaurants in Ras Al Khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah has several fine dining restaurants that deliver mouthwatering pocket-friendly food. Let’s find out the best restaurants in Ras Al Khaimah.

Sonara Camp Al Wadi

Want to enjoy a meal among the dunes of The Ritz-Carlton Ras Al Khaimah, Sonara Camp Al Wadi gives exclusive dessert vibes because food is served outdoors in the Al Wadi desert. The restaurant has introduced several things to entertain visitors: live cooking, music, fire shows, and owl and hawk interaction. 

The place is quite aesthetic, and the food is also quite good. 

NoHo Bar and Grill 

As the name indicates, it is a luxury restaurant in the desert. It is a calm place to eat, and they have a luxury menu including jerk chicken, juicy sliders, truffle fries, and several drinks, including wines. 

They also offer weekly pocket-friendly deals; we recommend you avail of their discounts and enjoy the tasty pocket-friendly food. 

Karma Kafe 

This restaurant’s name and architecture are unique and the same as you can expect from their menu. The restaurant has just opened, but it has gained the attention of food lovers because of its unique taste. 

If you want to enjoy the perfect balance of health and taste, visit this café; in the menu, you will also find an extensive cocktail menu that you will undoubtedly enjoy. 

1484 by Puro 

Several hotels give a sea view, but do you want to enjoy the most delicious meal in UAE between the mountains? For this, you have to visit 1484, which is the highest restaurant in UAE, and it is 1484 meters above sea level. 

The taste of the food is satisfactory, and the customer service is good. But reserve your table before going, as the seating is limited. 


It Is one of my favorite restaurants in Ras Al Khaimah for several reasons. First, the taste of the food is quite good, and the serving size is also better than most of the fancy restaurants. Secondly, the staff is well educated and trained. 

The outdoor, indoor, and private dining area is available to choose from according to your preference. In addition to this, the desserts were finger-licking good. 


The restaurant is situated in the Al Wadi desert, presenting a scenic view of the desert dunes from its terrace. It is also a good food place to visit with family and friends. 

Their specialty is that they claim they use homegrown vegetables and organic spices in their food. 


There are very few Japanese places in the UAE, and Umi is one of them. Umi has a separate bar to serve you several drinks and vine. It is one of the town’s most sophisticated and expensive restaurants, yet the food quality is worth it. 

Best Restaurants in Fujairah

Best restaurants in Fujairah

Fujairah’s foodies should try the following restaurants to get the best food. Here are some famous restaurants. 

OTHMANI Turkish Restaurant 

As the name shows, showing the restaurant is famous for Turkish food. Their specialty includes shish tawook, mixed grills, kebabs, and lamb chops. If you want classic food on a low budget, visit this Turkish restaurant. 

Oriental Restaurant 

If you crave Asian food and snacks, visit Oriental Restaurant in Fujairah. In addition to Asian, they also serve authentic Thai, Malaysian and Indonesian food; it is in one restaurant serving several international cuisines. 

The restaurant’s price is also reasonable, but the quality is quite good. Do visit the restaurant to try multicultural food. 


Want to try something hot and spicy? Do visit the Anjali restaurants. The restaurant serves the original Indian spicy food; their specialty includes chicken masala, spicy curry, and sizzling hot prawns. 

Waves Beach Restaurant 

It is also a typical restaurant situated at the beachside. Their specialty includes the kid’s menu, carefully made to ensure kids’ health. In addition to this, there are several games to keep your children occupied while you are carrying your meal. 

Their dinner menu is extensive, and you will enjoy the restaurant’s ambiance. 

Mozaique all-day dining 

Visit this restaurant for the versatile cuisines from all over the world. Their buffet has some heavenly dishes. Their breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets can be the perfect culinary journey for food lovers. 

The restaurant prices are a bit higher, but keeping the hygienic status and food taste under consideration is worth it. 

Bar Muda 

It is one of Fujairah’s most famous and loved bars and café. They have quite a pleasant environment where you can make new friends and plenty of activities are available. 

The food served here is unique and has a special twist to them. I will recommend this restaurant to those who love trying new places. 

Bottom line 

Finally, the UAE stands out as a gourmet sanctuary, with its unique culinary landscape offering a variety of outstanding dining experiences. From the busy streets of Dubai to the tranquil seaside city of Fujairah, this country is a culinary treasure trove. Whether you’re looking for traditional Emirati flavors, foreign cuisine, or creative fusion concoctions, the UAE’s greatest restaurants provide something for everyone.



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