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Vegetarian Restaurants In UAE
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Best Vegetarian Restaurants In UAE

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If you are vegetarian or craving a plant-based appetizing meal in UAE, this article is for you. Because in this article, we will introduce you to the best vegetarian restaurants in UAE.

The restaurants that we are going to discuss will make you forget all those tasteless and boring vegetarian restaurants because, on this list, we have included all the versatile vegetarian food restaurants. Their mouthwatering menu and unregretful taste will make you love these restaurants. So, to keep up your healthy habits while visiting UAE without making the food boring, do consider these vegetarian residents.

Vegetarian restaurants in UAE

From breakfast and top late-night dinners to every plant base between snacks, we are sure you will find the best vegetarian dining experience via our list of the best vegetarian restaurants. So, without stretching it any longer, let’s start our list with the best vegetarian restaurants in Abu Dhabi.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has some fancy vegetarian restaurants; these restaurants have effortlessly saved the taste of the plant-based diet and have made it tastier and even more tranquil. The following are some famous vegetarian restaurants of Abu Dhabi.

1. Alkalime

A versatile menu, bohemian interior, and use of biodegradable material in the restaurant is a treat for all the food lovers who want to enjoy healthy food in Abu Dhabi.

Alkalime Abu Dhabi

All the vegetarian dishes there are versatile and made with healthy and tasty ingredients collected worldwide. In addition to this, their welcome drinks and a wide range of other beverages will kill your thirst and give you a chill vibe.

If you are looking for the best vegetarian restaurant in Abu Dhabi, you should definitely visit the Alkalime; you will undoubtedly love the restaurant’s food and ambiance.

2. Al Jalasah Al Malakah

If you want to enjoy versatile vegetarian food from all over the world under one roof, then you need to visit AL Jalsah Al Malakah restaurant; it is also one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Abu Dhabi.


The flavorsome dishes of the restaurants will certainly make you fall in love with this restaurant. One more thing that I noticed was the restaurant was super clean, and the staff was quite active. So, if you want to enjoy the cozy ambiance with the delicious food, do visit this restaurant.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Sharjah

Sharjah is famous for being the cultural capital of UAE; the people of Sharjah love to celebrate all occasions with mouthwatering dishes of chicken and meat. But don’t worry if you are a vegetarian because Sharjah has excellent vegetarian restaurants, here are some famous restaurants;

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1. Madeenat Haridwar Restaurant

If you want to eat mouthwatering Asian food, you must visit this restaurant. Madeenat is considered one of the best Indian vegetarian restaurants in Sharjah. The cozy setup, delicious dishes, and prompt service make it one of the best restaurants.

Madeenat Haridwar Restaurant

The best thing about the restaurants is their fantastic taste and reasonable prices. In addition, visitors love their services and the friendly environment of the restaurants.

2. Al Pateel Restaurant

The restaurant’s taste is its main charm. It has a combination of Chinese and Punjabi food that attracts the attention of all vegetarians. The Dhal Kadhi of the restaurant is quite famous and the best find so far.

Al Pateel Restaurant

The pricing is also quite reasonable, and the service is quite adequate. So, if you want to enjoy the best plant-based diet without burning your bank, visit this veg restaurant in Sharjah.

3. Gusti Restaurant

Have you ever heard about the vegetarian buffet? Well, now you can enjoy the vegetarian buffet at Gusti, Sharjah. The restaurant also offers outdoor dining on a beautiful Arabian-style terrace. It is one of the best places to visit with your partners and spend quality time.

Gusti Restaurant Sharjah

Along with the beautiful setting, the taste of the food is also top-class. The restaurant has everything from casual dinners to business-class lunches and romantic candlelight dinners. They offer you everything. We recommend you try their creamy pasta because it is the best.

Vegetarian restaurant in Karama

Al Karama is a multi-ethnic place in UAE, so the restaurants are quite vibrant, presenting different cultures and having the best food. Al Karama has several veg restaurants that will certainly satisfy your taste buds, following are some examples;

1. Maharaja Bhog

Maharaja Bhog is one of the best Indian veg restaurants in UAE, and if you want to enjoy the best royal thali culinary experience in UAE, do visit this place. The royal ambiance and the mouthwatering taste of the restaurant will make you visit this place again and again.

Maharaja Bhog

The restaurants aim to make vegetarian food flavorful and vibrant, and they have experimented very well, which is why all of their dishes give an unregretful taste.

Best vegetarian restaurant in Ajman

If you think Ajman only has that meaty menu at all their restaurants. Then you are wrong because there are some laudable veg restaurants in Ajman. Some famous vegetarian restaurants in Ajman are;

1. Bukhara 

It is one of the top-rated veg restaurants in UAE. They have a wide range of Indian and Asian menus, including all the main courses, side courses, desserts, and even drinks. Everything about this restaurant is impressive. Their aesthetic sense of the restaurants is admirable. The taste is unregretful; customer service is satisfactory. And above all, you get the value of your money.

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Bukhara Restaurant Ajman

Bukhara has also won an award for its excellent taste and has become the cultural spot for vegetarian food. Vegetarians and non-vegetarians from around the world visit this place for the best food experience.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Dubai

1. Chappan Bhog Dubai

Dubai has several classic vegetarian friendly restaurants. But most famous of them is Chappan bhog. Chappan bhog is the most famous Indian vegetarian restaurants in Dubai.

Chappan Bhog Dubai

Chappan Bhog has become the national name for traditional Indian and South Asian cuisines, sweets, savories, and above all, mouthwatering Indian street food. Chappan’s extensive menu is full of heritage and traditional values. The sole purpose of this marvelous restaurant is to enhance the joy of dining in and make every occasion special with its flavor-filled cuisines.

Chappan Bhog has the best pani puri, paneer, and chole bhutore. People from all over the world love their unique taste. The best part is their deserts, including the Gulab Jamun and Falooda.

Chappan bhog thali has over 56 dishes, all of which are the best. You start your meal with versatile drinks like mango lassi and milkshakes, and then you can choose your starter. After the starter, the main attraction is the wide options of main courses, and last but not least, their masala chai is the vibe.

The best thing is that you get a pure vegetarian dining experience. Their freshly prepared food and the warm ambiance of the restaurant will make your soul and stomach happy. Chappan Bhog Dubai is not just a restaurant; it is the cultural center for South Asian food and one of the best restaurants for vegetarian food.

2. Bareburgers

Bareburgers Dubai UAE

Who said vegetarians couldn’t eat burgers? Bareburgers are busting the myths with their vegetarian burgers. At Bareburgers, you can customize your burger with vegetable patties and side salads. Along with this, their vegetable sides, like the onion rings and sweet potato fries, are a treat for your taste buds. So, don’t think any further visit the Bareburgers to get the most delicious veggies burger.

3. Masala Wok restaurant AL Nahda

Non-vegetarian restaurants are quite famous in Al Nahda, but some vegetarian restaurants serve unique vegetarian dishes with the best taste. The vegetarian residents at Al Nahda usually serve Indian, Chinese, and Mexican dishes.

Masala Wok restaurant AL Nahda

If you want to enjoy the combination of Chinese and Indian veg food, then you need to Masala Wok, one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Al Nahda. The restaurant offers a wide range of vegetarian menus. The restaurant is popular among tourists and locals because of its fantastic taste and exceptional customer service.

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4. Kamat restaurant Qusais

If you want to eat vegetarian food at the Qusais, visit the Kamat restaurant. It is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Qusais. It has a quite calm vibrant, and colorful fresh vibe. Also, the restaurant has a family-friendly environment. It is now the best place to visit with your family and friends.

Kamat restaurant Qusais

Kamat restaurant gives special attention to the health of their customers, which is why they promise to provide healthy, freshly prepared food only containing all the healthy and pure ingredients.

The restaurant offers a special vegetarian menu, including Indian, Chinese, thali, and other unique and modern vegetarian dishes. In addition, they have a separate bar with special drinks from all over the world. So, if you want to feel fresh and enjoy healthy vegetarian food at Qusais, visit the Kamat restaurant.


Although UAE is famous for serving the best non-vegetarian dishes, several restaurants serve our healthy and flavorsome vegetarian food. But remember that all the restaurants claiming to deliver vegetarian restaurants might need to provide better quality and taste. Before visiting any vegetarian restaurant in UAE, research so you will save time and money.

Our list of the best vegetarian restaurants will help you choose the best place for yourself.


Q.1 Is UAE vegan friendly

You will be surprised at how vegan-friendly UAE is. Several restaurants serve pure vegetarian food, but you need to be careful about your choices because there are particular restaurants that serve the best taste of vegetarian food. 

Q.2 Is it easy to find vegetarian food in UAE?

UAE is a multicultural state; it welcomes people and tourists from all over the world. That is why you will find the food of every type here. So, several restaurants are serving pure vegetarian food. 

Q.3 Is UAE a vegetarian country 

Traditional UAE food contains most meat products, but UAE is a fusion of cultures. So, you will find a significant percentage of vegan people there. That is why the dining places are vegan-friendly, and you can find vegan food almost everywhere. 



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