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All You Need To Know About Dubai Mall

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Would you believe Dubai Mall welcomes over 10 million visitors annually, making it the most visited retail and lifestyle destination?

Dubai Mall is the ultimate spot for fun, entertainment and food. So, to have fun in Dubai, consider visiting the Dubai Mall. This iconic place has a lot of activities for people of all ages.

In this article, we will give you some enticing glimpses of Dubai Mall so you can have an endless fun time there.

Several shops, restaurants and entertainment spots are the main attractions for the visitors. Let me tell you the top attractions in Dubai Mall.

Ice Rink Dubai Mall

All You Need To Know About Dubai Mall 1

If you want to enjoy a slice of winter in the scratching summer of Dubai, you should visit the Ice rink. It is the perfect activity to do with your friends and family. The ice rink also features an outdoor play area where you can play games like snowshoeing and curling.

In addition, Dubai Mall also conducts a session for skating lessons for people who want to learn professional-level skating. Ice Rink timing is 10 am to 12 am daily, and it is situated on the ground floor.

Aquarium and underwater zoo

All You Need To Know About Dubai Mall 3

Do you want to enjoy sea diving without doing it practically or want direct encounters with sea animals without the fear of getting hurt? For all these amazing experiences, you must Visit the Dubai Mall aquarium to enjoy the sea life; there is a piece of Sea at Dubai Mall. You will be amazed that this aquarium has 10 million liters of water and 140+ marine species. And these hundreds of reptiles, fishes and penguins will make your undersea memorable.

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The underwater zoo is located on the second floor of the Dubai Mall. And its timing is from 10 am to 11 pm on the weekdays and on weekends you can now the underwater journey from 10 am to 12 am.


All You Need To Know About Dubai Mall 5

Hysteria is a new concept, and it is for bold-hearted people. Everyone who wants to enjoy a new level of horror through fears and nightmares should visit the Hysteria.

While visiting this section, you will encounter unexpected, thrilling incidents that will leave you breathless. If you are looking for a journey of excitement and horror, you should visit this place and get some adrenaline rush in your body.

The place also has a gift shop with horror-related souvenirs; you can pick some pieces from here to keep them as a memory.

Trampo Extreme

All You Need To Know About Dubai Mall 7

If you want to enjoy your childhood nostalgia, you should visit this place. In the trampoline park, you can enjoy various indoor games and have fun with your family and friends.

Trampo Extreme has something for people of all ages. Here you will find the trampoline for adults and kids. Foam pits for ultimate fun. Aerial Yoga for relaxation, Bungee Trampoline and professional-level sports ground for table tennis, football and basketball.

Trampo Extreme is where you can have fun with your friends without burning your budget. Trampo Line Dubai Mall timing is 10 am to 10 pm on the weekdays and from 10 am to 11 pm on the weekends.

Infinity Des Lumières

All You Need To Know About Dubai Mall 9

This place is a real heaven for all art lovers. Infinity des Lumières visit must be on your bucket list while visiting the Dubai Mall. It is a digital art studio; here, a huge display screen showcases the art piecing. You will be amazed to see the aesthetics of this place.

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Infinity des Lumières is a piece of art. The view and graphics of this place change now and then, converting it to an entirely new place, and seeing this will leave you in awe.

To have a unique artistic experience. Make sure to visit this place and live the beauty of art.

Real cinemas

All You Need To Know About Dubai Mall 11

We suggest you visit the Real cinemas to experience watching movies like never before. The settings, management, modern equipment, and everything at the Real Cinema Dubai Mall are fantastic.

The cinema also has a drink area and food point, to make your time more memorable.

Restaurants in Dubai Mall

All You Need To Know About Dubai Mall 13

Last but not least, restaurants in the Dubai Mall are must visit, there you will get the best food of every type. Food at the Dubai Mall is most visitors’ main attraction. So, visit Dubai Mall restaurants and treat your taste buds with good food.

In addition, there are various fashion stores, including Zara, Guess Jeans, Reserved, COS, Versace and Bershka. You can visit these stores to upgrade your fashion game.

It is only possible to finish the introduction of the Dubai Mall shop by mentioning the marvelous shoe-wear shops. You will get your hands on all the top brands there.

Dubai Mall timing

If you want to visit any specific shop in Dubai Mall, make sure to see their timing first, to avoid inconvenience. Most of the shops open by the 11 am and close by 10 pm, on weekends the Dubai mall shops remain open till 11 pm.

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Bottom line

Everything about the Dubai Mall is just marvelous and applaudable. We suggest you see the Dubai Mall’s timing or the timing of the specific shops you want to visit beforehand to avoid convincing. Once you visit the Dubai Mall, you will certainly fall in love with this gigantic mall.


What is special about Dubai Mall?

Dubai Mall is a gigantic store with over 1200 stores. Everything is here, from a kitchen spoon to a motor vehicle. The dining experience in Dubai is matchless. It is the perfect place to have fun with your family and friends.

What is the Dubai Mall’s address?

Dubai Mall is situated in Downtown Dubai next to the Burj Khalifa.

Is Dubai Mall the biggest store in the world?

Dubai Mall is the biggest destination in the world for shopping, retail, leisure and entertainment. It is the perfect place to spend some exciting and adventurous time.



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